On the Edge Playlist: 09.03.23

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Zuul’s Normie Number is from an old band with a funny name

HOT THIS WEEK: Featuring local heroes Yes Music Productions

Sun September 3 Hour ONE: DJ Drew featuring Yes Music Productions

  1. Ms. Boan – Mentiras
  2. Street Fever – Fortune
  3. Dead On A Sunday – Bloody Mary
  4. Russian Blue – Faith And Stomach
  5. French Police – El Tiro
  6. Closed Tear – Waste Away
  7. Nuovo Testamento – Wildlife
  8. Profit Prison – 120 Days
  9. Casual Panic – Comfort Me
  10. Ash Code – Dance And Kill
  11. Xibling – Fear Parties
  12. TR/ST – Sulk

Mon September 4 Hour ONE: Zuul refuses to play bad covers

  1. Rammstein featuring A Sesame Street Counting Toy – Du hast (excerpt)
  2. Rammstein – Du hast
  3. Lunatic Calm – Leave You Far Behind
  4. Jason Alacrity – Soft Tyranny – ShelterShed Remix (feat. ShelterShed)
  5. Terminal – Fall of the Reign
  6. Front Line Assembly – Deutschland
  7. ES23 – Feed The Machines
  8. X Marks the Pedwalk – Firestorm
  9. Monolith – The Hunter
  10. Trade Secrets – Violent Hearts (Teeel Remix)
  11. School Of Seven Bells – Kiss Them for Me
  13. Ortrotasce – Lifeline
  14. FIX8:SED8 – Chlorine Clean Tears

Mon September 4 Hour TWO: Guest DJ Skinlayers

  1. Julie Bondar – Fleurs Du Mal
  2. Bad Stream – Already Dead
  3. A Copy For Collapse – Your Imaginary World
  4. CHVRN – Inception
  5. One True God – Addicted
  6. Etienne de Crecy – Someone Like You
  7. Daddybear – Science Fiction [MORIS BLAK Mix]
  8. Infravision – Wasteland
  9. Wolfsheim – Approaching Light Speed
  10. GoodBooks – Leni [Crystal Castles]
  11. TR/ST – Iris
  12. Mr. Kitty – After Dark
  13. ESA – I Detach [MORIS BLAK Mix]


Gustave Dore, Loch Lomond (1875)

DJ Zuul

"We're gentle people in a vicious world. We have to take care of each other." - Matthew Setzer

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