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In my show, I talk about the impacts of human interference in out aquatic ecosystems. I give real information on species and what we can do to help. We are impacting our environment more than we think. We are constantly changing the world around us in good and bad ways. By dropping one piece of plastic on a walk it will tell others the place is already dirty, and they will add, by walking off a marked path we forever change the nature around it. By keeping trash out of our parks and our waters we are making our home better in small steps. There are also many organizations that put all their time into magnifying your actions. Apart from the organizations listed in my show, Washington state parks, Ocean blue project, and Seattle University all have beach clean ups, donate to Washington Scuba Alliance to help clean up sea floors around Seattle, you can also go to Seattle utilities and adopt a street to take care of. All the organizations will be listed below. In the meantime, I hope you go check out the full the full podcast on the c89.5 website!


Washington state park:


Ocean Blue Project:


Seattle University:


Washington Scuba Alliance:


Seattle Utilities:


Seattle Aquarium:


Puget Soundkeeper:


Washington Trails Association :


Cade Rice

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