On the Edge February 11, 2024

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We get it.  11pm to 2am is rough on a school night.  We gotchoo, boo.  Stream us on desktop/mobile, on iOS/Carplay and on Android/Auto and connect with us on  Facebook and Discord.

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Sun Feb 11 Hour ONE: DJ Zuul (Curveballs)

  1. Curve – Cuckoo
  2. The Birthday Massacre – Nothing and Nowhere
  3. Hysterical Love Project – Ionian Sea
  4. Aes Dana – Exposure (AES Dana Remix)
  5. Saafi Brothers – Into States of Consciousness
  6. Hol Baumann – Benares
  7. Intent:Outtake – Moloch
  8. Eisfabrik – Dark Life
  9. Leftfield – Dusted
  10. GOL – Soma Holiday
  11. Sky Cries Mary – Ocean Which Humanity Is
  12. Curve – Split into Fractions

Monday Feb 12 Hour ONE: DJ Paradigm Lost, who called dibs on the new Helix

  1. Unitcode:Machine – A Violent End (Stabbing Westward Remix)
  2. Helix – Unimaginable Place
  3. Croel – Method
  4. Gettner – Fading Lights
  5. Em-eff – Leave Tomorrow
  6. Antighen Shift – I will Deny You
  7. Street Fever – Sinner
  8. Human Vault – On My Knees (Seven Odd Gods)
  9. Semantix – Dopamine (Alan Skanner Remix)
  10. Alan Skanner – Total Recall
  11. Freaky Mind – Where is my Mind?
  12. Underbrain – No One Will Save You
  13. Aesthetic Perfection – Toxic (Deadbeat Remix)

Mon Feb 12 Hour TWO: DJ RockettQween is brought to you by the letter “S”

  1. Sexplosion – My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult
  2. She Bangs Like a Fairy on Acid – Elita
  3. Swamp Thing (Dream Mix) – Al1ce
  4. Super Goo – The Cramps
  5. Shock Treatment – Shock Treatment Cast
  6. Spiders – Ashbury Heights
  7. Slate – Vore Aurora
  8. Shooting in My Chest – Gioli & Assia
  9. Suitor – Boy Harsher
  10. So Typical – Julia Bondar Remix – Fragrance
  11. Saturn Swallows the Sun – Ghost Twin
  12. Seasons in the Sun 2023 Remaster – Black Box Recorder
  13. Sin City – Genitorturers
  14. Schizophrenic – Night Club
  15. Somewhere in the Nowhere – Chrysta Bell & David Lynch
  16. Saturday – Instrumental – Chromatics

Gustave Dore, Hellish hurricane that torments the lustful, 1890

DJ Zuul

"We're gentle people in a vicious world. We have to take care of each other." - Matthew Setzer

1 comment

  • Zuul: I would be down for a spacey music show if you mixed triphop into it.
    RockettQween: thanks for reminding me I need to rewatch Shock Treatment

    (btw Paradigm your hour doesn’t seem to be working- NotSupportedError: Failed to load because no supported source was found.)

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