Café Chill playlist: Helios and Hollie Kennif, Affelaye and more

Lush green Alaskan hills roll towards snow-capped mountains in the distance. A lone deer stands in the foreground.

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Photo: “Summer”. Credit: Denali National Park and Preserve, public domain [i].

Originally aired 30 Jun 2024

6AM Playlist

• Slow Magic – Sorry Safari
  Release: Triangle
  Label: Slow Magic

• Arms and Sleepers – Greetings from Tokyo
  Release: Black Paris 86 (15th Anniversary Edition)
  Label: Arms and Sleepers

• Le Caire – Selfless
  Release: Stratford Ct Secret Selection 51 to 60
  Label: Stratford Ct.

• Polygrim – Ever So Slightly
  Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 5

• Orange Crush – Invocation
  Release: Autumn Reflections
  Label: Orange Crush

• Treetalking – Move With Purpose
  Release: The Unknown
  Label: SXN

• Chrome Sparks – Your Planet
  Release: Sparks – EP
  Label: Future Classic

• Tycho – A Circular Reeducation
  Release: Past Is Prologue
  Label: ISO50 Records

• Geotic – Accept
  Release: To Not Now Nor To Ever Despair
  Label: Basement’s Basement

• Gold Panda – New Days
  Release: The Work
  Label: City Slang

• Letherette – Sun Up
  Release: Brown Lounge Vol. 5
  Label: Wulf

• Stumbleine – Ember
  Release: Ghosting
  Label: Stumbleine

• Maluca – I Couldn’t Leave You
  Release: I Couldn’t Leave You – Single
  Label: Maluca

7AM Playlist

• Tajima Hal – Green Ocean
  Release: Beats in Cycle
  Label: Hermit City Recordings

• Monster Rally – Golden Shores
  Release: Golden Shores – Single
  Label: Monster Rally

• Hello Meteor – Rain Collection
  Release: Conditioned Air
  Label: Evergreen Prefecture

• Nightflyer – Sanctuary
  Release: Sanctuary – Single
  Label: Nightflyer

• GlobulDub – Hoverin’
  Release: Hip – Hop Symposium Vol. 3 (Childhood) – Single
  Label: Chill Masters Records

• Swimming TV – Falling
  Release: Raindance – EP
  Label: Cosmonostro

• Giraffage – Waste Yr Time
  Release: Comfort
  Label: Giraffage

• Sloslylove – Secret Dreams
  Release: Secret Dreams
  Label: Sloslylove

• Decisive Koala – Locate Memories
  Release: Locate Memories – Single
  Label: Decisive Koala

• X3SR – summerlush
  Release: Sublimation
  Label: X3SR

• Lord RAJA – Dipteres Pt. 2
  Release: Rubies – EP
  Label: Ghostly International

• The Beat Broker – Extended Away
  Release: Extended Away – Single
  Label: SENTRALL Records

• Eagle Eyed Tiger – Frontier
  Release: On the Run
  Label: Orbital Rendezvous

• Floating Forest – Midnight Bloom
  Release: Inner Space
  Label: Floating Forest

• Birocratic & Brock Berrigan & iamalex & Philanthrope – Brockoli
  Release: Chillhop Essentials Spring 2021
  Label: Chillhop Music

8AM Playlist

• Just Big Hills – Acacia
  Release: Acacia – Single
  Label: Inner Ocean Records

• Different Sleep – Turbulance
  Release: Next Time I See You – Single
  Label: Different Sleep

• Deep Shoq – Forward
  Release: Pause – EP

• Dillard – Regeneration
  Release: Palm Skyline

• Volcanic Shores – Glide
  Release: Shoreline – EP
  Label: Independent

• Rsrch Chmcls – This Evening
  Release: This Evening – EP
  Label: 956233 Records DK

• Firephly – Shadows Unveiled
  Release: Shadows Unveiled – Single
  Label: Firephly

• Helios and Hollie Kennif – Sepal
  Release: Sepal – Single
  Label: Helios and Hollie Kennif

• Affelaye – Parhelion
  Release: The Swim – EP
  Label: Bad Taste

• Hector Plimmer – Let’s Stay
  Release: Sunshine
  Label: Albert’s Favourites

• Site Nonsite – Caravan Tokyo
  Release: Tokyo – EP
  Label: Obvious Things

• Dillard – Lust
  Release: Empress LP
  Label: D93 Audio

• Feverkin – Silhouette
  Release: Silhouette – Single
  Label: 559975 Records DK2

• Frameworks – Kings
  Release: Kings
  Label: MERLIN – Loci Records

• Ox The Moron & Chirofafa – Sleptime
  Release: Rising Tides 015

9AM Playlist

• Northern Plastic – Vertical III
  Release: Verticals [lines in flow: a series]
  Label: Northern Plastic

• Elsa Hewitt – For My Confusion
  Release: Chaos Emeralds
  Label: Tompkins Square

• Chikara Aoshima – Shibuya Station to Hikarie
  Release: Close Down
  Label: Chikara Aoshima

• Visitors – Triple Life
  Release: Triple Life – Single
  Label: 4361593 Records DK

• VIQ – Forever
  Release: Remnants Melancholia
  Label: VIQ

• Peter Bark – Golden Hour
  Release: Empty Rooms
  Label: Inner Ocean Records

• Windows 96 – Layering Shiny Dust
  Release: How To See Through Walls
  Label: Gabriel Eduardo

• Warriors of the Dystotheque – Telepathic Tacos
  Release: It’s A Beautiful Thing
  Label: Warriors of the Dystotheque

• Eliot Lipp – Turbo Coupe
  Release: Turbo Coupe – Single
  Label: Old Tacoma Records

• Space Ghost – Peace Lily Garden, Pt. 2
  Release: Endless Light
  Label: Tartelet Records

• Giraffage – SLO
  Release: Comfort
  Label: Giraffage

• Dvwnpour – Blueberry GlaceÃÅ
  Release: Apricot
  Label: Dvwnpour

• Birocratic – [terminal]
  Release: bumps
  Label: Birocratic

• Speedcrawl – So New
  Release: Reach
  Label: Planty Records

• Segue – West Coast Rain
  Release: Pacifica
  Label: 1468568 Records DK

• Lifeformed – Cider Time
  Release: Fastfall (Dustforce Original Game Soundtrack)

• Jinsang – Reflection
  Release: life
  Label: VinDig

• Sweatson Klank – Summer Chronicles
  Release: Embers – EP
  Label: Friends Of Friends

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