On the Edge June 2, 2024 Featuring House of Harm Interview & Matte Blvck Premieres

The band House of Harm

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…and by listeners like YOU

We get it.  10pm to 1am is rough on a school night.  We gotchoo, boo.  Stream us on desktop/mobile, on iOS/Carplay and on Android/Auto and connect with us on  Facebook and Discord.



Sun June 2 Hour ONE: Zuul interviews House of Harm

  1. House of Harm – Before The Line
  2. House of Harm – Vicious Pastimes
  3. House of Harm – Ignore The Taste
  4. Still Ruins – Until Then
  5. ✝✝✝ (Crosses) – Light as a Feather
  6. ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) – Flowers Were Real
  7. Trakktor – The Narcissizt
  8. Sirus – Violate All Commands
  10. Zanias – Simulation
  11. Your Life On Hold – Dead Tree (Merciless Version)
  12. RATPAJAMA – of course that this is goth too
  13. Bedless Bones – Limbs Entwined

Sun June 2 Hour TWO: DJ Drew Premieres new Matte Blvck w/Bidi

  1. Matte Blvck – Pupula Duplex (PREMIERE)
    Matte Blvck – Midnight & Angel
    Die Sexual – Tremble For Me [HR Hack] Night Club – Die In The Disco [HR Hack] Boy Harsher f MOAN – Machina
    She Past Away – Durdu Dünya [Boy Harsher Mix] Clan Of Xymox – She [She Past Away Mix] The Sisters Of Mercy – More
    Red Flag – Russian Radio [Nuclear Mutant Mix] Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes [TM Mix] Book Of Love – Boy [Mix]

Mon June 3: DJ Paradigm Lost

  1. Nature of Wires + Machina X – Static Icons
  3. Echoberyl – Fading Away (Bonus track)
  5. ESA – Join Our Hands
  6. Le Destroy – Breed
  7. Gesaffelstein – Your share of the night
  8. Capsules of Energy – Snake Church
  9. Antibody – F.Society
  10. CERVELLO ELETTRONICO – Eternal (Nightmare Mix)
  11. JøRGEN THORVALD – Brain activity (HIV+ Remix)
  12. NGHTLY – Dimensional Strength
  13. Emergency Sequence – The People Are Broken (Leaether Strip Remix)
  14. Damien Hearse – TRAUMA HARNESS


DJ Zuul

"We're gentle people in a vicious world. We have to take care of each other." - Matthew Setzer

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