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Thank you for catching the latest transmission of Cafe Chill. We begin our transmission at 6AM in the Pacific Time Zone, and end at 6AM in the New Zealand Time Zone tomorrow, which is now.

This week on Cafe Chill, we chatted about and played tracks from Bad Snacks, Shatter Hands, Moshun, Handycat and more over a foggy tea latte.

Please compare our list to the list you transcribed at your listening station. If the two lists match, you were indeed tuned into our transmission to the Pacific Northwest Region on the 3 Meter Band (between 89400 kHz and 89600 kHz).

6 AM Pacific Time

Moon Boots – The Life Aquatic
Shigeto – Look At All the Smiling Faces
Frameworks – Kings
Beacon – Escapements
Invention – Sprxng
Kody Kurth – Absent
Iamforest – Relics
Panta Rhei & Gizmo Varillas – Supreme (ft. Sitkah)
Imagined Herbal Flows – Departure
Maluca – I Couldn’t Leave You
Pines – Calling You
Lushloss – Old Oak
Shallou – Fictions
Bitykradne – Downtown
Tycho – A Walk (Kolombo Remix)

7 AM Pacific Time

Monster Rally – Full Sail
Shigeto – Miss u
Achun – Make It Movin’
Room306 – Blue (instrumental)
Home – Tides
Slow Magic – Toddler Tiger
Chemtrails x Richard Alfaro – Leisure Trail
Frythm – Luv U (feat. Mvnners)
Balam Acab – Oh, Why
The Faded – Uncertainties
Blank Banshee – Frozen Flame
Bonobo – Figures
Coubo – We’ve Lost It All
Freud – Cuban Episode
Crem’e – Keep On

8 AM Pacific Time

Fallen Roses & B dom – Yours and Nobody Elses’s
Florida Skyline – Nate’s Hair
Custodian – Her
Bad Snacks – À Bientôt (ft. Lynette Williams)
il:lo – Reine (feat. Brain Blake)
The Faded – Uncertainties
Beta Betamax – New Saturday
Chrome Sparks – Wings
Ark Patrol – That Dark Abyss
Handycat – White Lodge
Shatter Hands – Singlespeed
Mvnners – Crush
Packed Rich – Crane
Moshun – Strawberry Cheesecake

9 PM India Standard Time minus 30 minutes

Monster Rally – Moonlight Ballroom
Lifeformed – Cider Time
Blackbird Blackbird & AViDD – Bodies
Ambassadeurs – Come a Little Closer
Cln – Satisfy (feat. Lou Millar)
Florida Skyline – U Made Me Forget
URBVN – People Talk
Washed Out – Don’t Give Up
Sniffle Party – All the Snow Is Gone
Richard Alfaro – Inside
Rewind Back – Dance In the Night
C418 – Tingle
IHF – Bloom
Fort Romeau – Folle
Uppermost – Hope

Richard J Dalton from Cafe Chill and DAF

I work behind-the-scenes on Café Chill. I like to make friends with crows.

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  • @Seth and crew you guys are awesome beyond what I can write and you have made my journey/ drive home at 7am little bit better from a long night of craziness. You guys shod play some Stars marshmello one of favorite if you get the chance.

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