ICYM Café Chill: Avocado Combat, IX/ON, edapollo and more

Even if you don’t like chill music, you should listen for the cool artist names alone. The latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Avocado Combat, IX/ON, edapollo and more.

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Playlist from 04 October 2020

6AM Playlist

Monster Rally – Full Sail
Leon Vynehall – Movements (Chapter III)
Yu-Utsu – Clear
Maribou State – Nervous Tics (feat. Holly Walker)
Ark Patrol – Fiend
Brock Berrigan – Curtain Call
Tycho – Epigram
Washed Out – Don’t Give Up
Garden City Movement – Move On
Ikotu – Evermore
Third Floor & Olsen – Lost in You (feat. Boswell) [Third Floor After Hrs Remix] Catching Flies – Komorebi
Thrupence – In Silence
Ian Ewing – Swell (feat. Virginia Palms)
Tycho – See (feat. Beacon)
ODESZA – IPlayYouListen

7AM Playlist

Joe Nora – Cat Creek
Strehlow – Dream Girl
A Sol Mechanic – Flight
Panta Rhei & Gizmo Varillas – Supreme (ft. Sitkah)
Affelaye – Whir
Imagined Herbal Flows – Departure
Manatee Commune – White Smoke (feat. Marina Price)
Polygrim – Ever So Slightly
Freud – Faux Pas
Prismic Delight – Bridge Sessions
High Tides – Summer Reflections
Pacific Coliseum – Home

8AM Playlist

Sun Glitters – It’s Like a Monday but It’s Not (feat. Steffaloo)
Emancipator – Waxin
IX/ON – Anemos
edapollo – Illuminate
Avocado Combat – Homecoming
Esolagoto – Humidity
Tokari – Komorebi
Marley Carroll – Water Temple
Tycho – Japan (Instrumental)
ind_fris – pwp
Whirl – Soft Grass
Oldtwig – Backwash

9AM Playlist

Memorex Memories – There Is an Eternal Summer in a Grateful Heart
CRAETION – Beachside
High Tides – Summer Reflections
Mvnners – Pretty Things
Freud – Faux Pas
Tom Day & Ian Urbina – Hunting Hunters
X3SR – miss u
Southpaw – Thoughts About U
Memory Scale – The Blue Hour
Chris LaRue – Wool Socks
Imagined Herbal Flows – Departure
Slow Magic – Manhattan
Gold Panda – The Most Liveable City
P4nther – temporary

Photo is overlooking the Tulalip Reservation from the far side of Possession Sound.

Richard J Dalton from Café Chill

I work behind-the-scenes on Café Chill. My social circle consists almost exclusively of crows.


  • Here is my upcoming playlist:


    American Teleport – Southern Sunset
    Feverkin – Headlight
    Volo – Wild Mind
    Emancipator – Himalayan
    DNZ – Wanderlust
    Koresma – Free
    Frameworks – Rotations
    IHF – Fall in Love
    Tourist – Kin (Livision Remix)
    ponder – sunset and coffee
    Captures – Lagos
    Eagle Eyed Tiger – Outlaw Star
    Takeleave – The Woods
    Bakradze – An Evening With John


    Imagimoon – Calm
    Emancipator – wi.wi.wo
    il:lo – Sloh
    Stèv – Achtabahn Skyline
    Captures – Lagos
    JKL – Headache (ft. Rita Farliey)
    High Tides – Sky Blue
    Buddy Love – Holy
    Tycho – Coastal Brake
    ind__fris – pwp
    Bakradze – An Evening With John
    Kiasmos – Looped


    Firephly – Know What I Need
    Fujiii – Chill
    Gatcha Bakradze – Do Everything
    Heathered Pearls – Great Coffee near Imagined Gold Sunset
    Frameworks – The Dark
    Paternoster Poetry – Inspiration
    Slow Magic – Moon
    Cascades – Distopian Earthquake
    Tokari – Invention
    Tycho – Into The Woods
    2 8 1 4 – Sujano Street
    Ian Ewing – Beauty
    Eyukaliptus – Summit
    Holy Other – Held (Fort Romeau Remix)

    Photo is the ocean filled with beautiful rainbow spots and rainbow stripes from two friendly stuffed animal narwhal toys.

  • Here is my upcoming playlist:


    Eater – Rhythm of Japanese Garden
    Mr. Hong – Summer Love
    Pacific Coliseum – Wave Catalyst (High Tide)
    Blackboxx – Midnight Dance
    FadedAeon – Out to Sea
    Swimming TV – Falling
    Frythm – Rose Quartz
    Freud – Faux Pas
    Elsa Hewitt – Pop Tuna
    Triv & Slowpoke – All that Matters
    DWDY – Feel Free
    X3SR – Farewell
    Recondite – Equal (Bonus Track)
    Ideism – Mend
    Sundrenched – Down Moon


    BODYBITE – Women Up By The Sun
    Greybox – Facade
    Broke For Free – Juparo
    Volo – Wild Mind
    Heathered Pearls – Sunshine Heights
    2X2A – Skin
    Aliam – Aotra
    Telefon Tel Aviv – I Lied
    Yppah – Light Cycle
    Girrafage – Waste Ur Time
    Emancipator – Himalayan (Edapollo Remix)
    Imagimoon – Jungle Toss (ft. Rita Herbert)
    Emancipator – Seek N Hide (Marley Carroll Remix)
    Idealism – Sadness.


    IHF – Departure
    Jinsang – Elevated
    Smuv. – * (Looped)
    Tycho – Daydream
    Heathered Pearls – Columbus Blue
    Tor – Days Gone
    Triv And Slowpoke – All That Matters
    Girrafage – Facade
    Greybox – Closer
    Smuv. – *
    Marley Carroll – I’ve Cavern
    Pacific Couliseum – Home
    Nikey – To Again (ft. Chris Bath)
    Mount Marcy – From The Mix
    Møme and Beamo – Take Care

    Photo is the ocean tides waving up on the shore.

  • Here is my upcoming playlist:


    Menta – Shibuya Streets
    P4Nther – Temporary
    Aliam – aotra
    Of Tepe – Constantly Struggling
    Tmpst – Bonsai
    Timewarp inc – Smoke Miash
    Bad Snacks – À Bientôt (ft. Lynette Williams)
    Teebs – Shells
    A.L.I.S.O.N – Weightless
    Eagle Eyed Tiger – Daze // Nostalgia
    The Tin Box – There Is Only Light And The Light Is All
    Third Person Lurkin – Warm Shapes
    Shepard – Not Bad Enough
    Sun Glitters – BBaacckk && FFoorrtthh


    Chemtrails – Pastel Eyes
    Thrupence – Don’t You Mind
    Ian Aisling – Ghost
    BABEL. – Tell Me
    Ian Huting – The Best Day Of My Life
    IX / ON – Bird Burn
    High Tides – Brinn
    Gold Panda – Expression
    New Order – True Faith (Goldwater Edit)
    Ekali – Unfaith
    Telepopmusik – Smile (Natural High Remix)
    Aso – jiptyiaun
    Indian Wells – It’s Where The World Ends


    Kiki: – Kiwi
    Lost Integrity – What You Want
    Tylun – Heart
    Blackbird Blackbird – Hawaii (Chrome Sparks Remix)
    Jasmine Thompson and Felix Jaehn – Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) (Gizmo Varallus Remix)
    Big Gigantic – The Little Things (Kasbo Remix)
    Sonzer – Neptune
    The World H – Please Don’t Do That
    Yuh – What Have I Done
    Magoca – Kaylee
    boerd – Look
    früit – Prism
    Magoca – Physical

    Photo is of a big boat on a lake in busy plaza. It sails through the water as the lake moves to the earliest spot.

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