Sign our yearbook! C89.5 Class of 2022

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Congratulations to the Class of 2022 at C89.5!!

Share your wise words, best wishes, and/or your memories of them on the radio in the comments below!

Harmony Soleil

She's fabulous! Harmony Soleil is an on-air personality, interviewer, voice-over artist and DJ on C89.5FM. You can follow her on Twitter and like her Friday night radio show on Facebook. Thanks for listening!


  • Congrats! This station is the thing I miss the most having moved away from Seattle, and you’re all a big part of it!

  • We are SOOOO proud of you all! You’ve survived and thrived despite all the obstacles over the past three years. Your energy and talents will carry you to a wide world of opportunity! Good luck in all your adventures.

  • Congratulations to every one of you. This time in your life is a rare moment. Cherish it. You’ve touched the lives of so many whom you will never meet. What a wonderful gift that is, and as one of the receivers I am very grateful. Thank you. Wishing all of you beautiful people the absolute best!

  • Congratulations on your graduation Class of 2022!!! C895 has an amazing tradition of teaching students like you and thank you for being part of the C895 Family! I’m sure you all have bright futures and I wish you all great success in whatever you choose to explore.

  • Congrats Seniors! You have truly made C89.5 special! Thanks for everything you have brought to our days and good luck to you in the future!

  • Congratulations graduates! Take what you’ve learned and know if you keep the passion you’ll enjoy what you do. Roll through the good and the tough, you’ll see both. Just KEEP THAT PASSION…I can’t say that enough. Good future adventures to you all, class of 2022!

  • I love listening to Harmony with Drew Bailey on mornings when I ride my bike into work! Such a great personality!

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