Café Chill playlist: Neeta, Richard Alfaro, Esbe and more

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Did you miss Cafe Chill on Sunday, or want to listen again? ICYMI, the latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Neeta, Richard Alfaro, Esbe and more. Hosted by Seth.

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Photo: “Fisherman’s Trail”. Credit: Lake Mead National Recreation Area (National Park Service), public domain [i].

Originally aired 24 July 2022

6AM Playlist
Thenoisemachine – Don’t Worry So Much
Soulless – Breathe Slow
Reside In Flames – Sundials Sundials, Telescopes
Carsten Rubeling – Turkish Delight
Emancipator & 9 Theory – Tangerine Sour
Suboptimal – Omoiyari
edapollo – Gold Light (feat. Akacia)
Manatee Commune – Thalassophobia
Beat Connection – Same Damn Time
Forhill – Iridescent
Ethan Wilson – Relativity
IHF & Ian Urbina – Wonder
X3SR – All That U Have

7AM Playlist
Wildflower – Atlantis Mantis
wowflower – sidewalk slowdance
DWDY – I Never Stopped
Recondite – Equal (Bonus Track)
Blackbird Belle – Celestial Nighthawk
Wistful – When All That Remains Are Memories
High Tides – Zolar
Feverkin & Alaskan Tapes – Here & There
Lux Natura & Tobias – Through the Pines
Slow Magic – Moon
Koresma – Free
Tomas Novoa – Tundra
Packed Rich – Dreamin’ (feat. Fraeuleinastrid)
Home – Resonance

8AM Playlist
Bad Snacks – Lost in Thought
Angeldustmite – Tamago Kake Gohan
Chemtrails – Hoverpad
High Tides – Zolar
Richard Alfaro – Field
Bad Snacks – When Everything is Easier (feat. MAE.SUN)
Neeta – Beechwood
Esbe – Darling (Remastered)
WMD – A Downpour Spent Inside Under a Blanket / Always With You
Yppah – Light Cycle
Poldoore – Alfama
Ramakhandra – Haku (Rumtum Remix)
Koresma – Northern Lights
Marley Carroll – Ice Cavern
A Sol Mechanic – Flight

9AM Playlist
December Trails – Sea Garden
Lone – Echo Paths
Forhill – Iridescent
Mornings – Dear
Chrome Sparks – Enter the Chrome Forest
Catching Flies – Komorebi
Dasta – moments
Blackbird Belle – Royal Blues
Ruck P – Rise Up
Flamingosis – Road Trip to Sao Paulo (ft. Khudosoul)
Monster Rally – Grassy Crystals
Jinsang – Never Know
Lost Integrity – What You Want
Packed Rich – Phoenix
Invention – Landrace
Eyukaliptus – Landing
Birocratic – Wrapped Up

Looking for a previous week’s playlist? Click here.

Listed alphabetically: Dalton; J.; Richard.

My character strings are in order.



    Café Chill Playlist: Soft Static, Whirl, David Douglas and more.

    We’re in deep thirties, not to mention for back to school shopping.

    ICYMI, the latest episode of Café Chill features Soft Static, Whirl, David Douglas and more. By Darius.

    Photo: Blackberry Plant placed on Blackberry Bush Stick with thorns. Credit: Hemingsway Park Of Exploration, Darius Doom Scott/NPS, public domain. [i]

    The 6 and 7 am hours of Café Chill are D.B.’s “Best of” hours. Leave a reply under this post if you want those two playlists. We’re still providing the other two playlists for you below.


    Janelle Costa – Rain
    Waveblock – Ice Lime
    Poldoore – Celestial (A Tribute To Nujabes)
    fr眉it – Yellow Waters
    Whirl – Soft Grass
    Sundrenched – Within
    Gold Panda – Pink And Green
    Catching Flies – Mama’s Wisdom
    100 Day Delay – Yarrow
    Hu – North
    Soft Static – Riverland
    Lyli J – Agave
    Hello Meteor – The Exoplanet Environmental Trust
    Deep Shoq – Forward


    Sundrenched – Ice Cream Truck
    RUMTUM – Tropic Air
    Gloamie – Chickpea+Mango
    Paternoster Poetry – Paternoster Elevator 1
    p4nther – Temporary
    Menta – Shibuya Streets
    Ao Logics – Cat N Johnny
    Slow Magic – Sorry Safari
    Vanilla – Fuji
    Dare Bear Derp Mode – ZEKE (XTRA, Khudosol and SanKhan Remix) t r e e s – NOSTALGIA 懷舊
    David Douglas – California Poppy
    Packed Rich – Crane
    Beatmachinearon – Moon Bed
    Flamingosis – Football Head
    Waveblock – Medical School

    • Thanks for catching that. That was the same issue as last time, when the comma sent the second half of the title into the next column in the Comma Separated Values (CSV) spreadsheet that we use. We like to use it because it non-proprietary, but has some glitches like that sometimes!

      You’re a Cafe Chill rock star!

      • Oh, hey thanks for that as well as the music you always bring us that is a joy!

        – Darius

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