Café Chill playlist: Manatee Commune, Possums at Twilight, Space Ghost and more

In the foreground is a landscape with flowing hills and no vegetation. The hills are covered in a shallow blanket of snow. Behind the hills are a line of trees, about a quarter mile away. The sky shows a bright moon about to set on the horizon. The sky is blue and purple.

Happy New Years Eve! The latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Manatee Commune, Possums at Twilight, Space Ghost and more. Hosted by Seth.

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Photo: “Moonset in Winter”. Credit: Wind Cave National Park/National Park Service, public domain [i].

Originally aired 31 Dec 2023

6AM Playlist

  • Elven Mirrors. – Deep And Solemn
      Release: Chrono
      Label: Azlyn Records
  • Laflamme – Bo-Tree
      Release: Canopy – EP
      Label: Canopy
  • t.quoise – Life in Reverse
      Release: Life in Reverse
      Label: Soundsphere
  • Bowcraft – Saltair
      Release: Many Distant Cities
      Label: 1469535 Records DK
  • Catching Flies – Silver Linings
      Release: Silver Linings
      Label: Indigo Soul
  • IG88 – Want
      Release: Want – Single
      Label: IG88
  • Galactic Language – Spacial Echoes
      Release: Arrival
      Label: Galactic Language
  • Casino Versus Japan – Marilyn Set Me Free
      Release: Hitori + Kaiso (1998 – 2001)
      Label: Attacknine Records
  • Rykard – North Cormorant Obscurity
      Release: Arrive The Radio Beacon
      Label: Hunya Munya Records
  • Melorman – Salty Air
      Release: For the Sun
      Label: Same Difference Music
  • Ramakhandra – Haku (Rumtum Remix)
      Release: Haku (Rumtum Remix) – Single
      Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings
  • Dylan Stark – Northern
      Release: Heartland
      Label: Civil Music
  • Frameworks – Rotations
      Release: Imagine Gold
      Label: Loci Records

7AM Playlist

  • Bad Snacks – While You Sleep
      Release: Bathtub Bumps
      Label: Bad Snacks LLC
  • Sov & Leaf Beach – Tokismokey
      Release: Tokismokey – Single
      Label: Self Released
  • innerinnerlife – Gingko Biloba
      Release: R U Ok? – EP
      Label: Eastern Nurseries
  • Virtual Cat – Cat looking forward to summer
      Release: June Cat
      Label: Ikimono Records
  • Petite Douceur – I Know (Sunday Morning Mix)
      Release: I Know (Sunday Morning Mix)
      Label: Petite Douceur
  • Mvnners – Her in Mind
      Release: Her in Mind – Single
      Label: SXN
  • edapollo – Gold Light (feat. Akacia)
      Release: Gold Light (feat. Akacia) – Single
      Label: Opine Records
  • Broke For Free – Jibberish
      Release: Bff
      Label: Broke For Free
  • X3SR – summerlush
      Release: Sublimation
      Label: X3SR
  • Frequency Control Centre – Caloris Montes
      Release: Exp.1
      Label: Bad Bat Records
  • Arvo to me – Diver
      Release: Into Change
      Label: Inner Ocean Records
  • Past Palms – Flowerbed
      Release: Empyrean – EP
      Label: 581097 Records DK
  • Frameworks – The Dark
      Release: Imagine Gold
      Label: Loci Records
  • Richard Alfaro – Sands
      Release: Refract
      Label: Richard Alfaro
  • Yu-Utsu – Clear
      Release: Yu-Utsu
      Label: Midwest Collective

8AM Playlist

  • Peter Bark – Back Roads
      Release: Empty Rooms
      Label: Inner Ocean Records
  • Daneel – Karma Chamomile
      Release: Debris – EP
      Label: Inner Ocean Records
  • Koji. – Solstice
      Release: Solstice – Single
      Label: Cafe Quality
  • C-Smitten – Operation Ruthless: Filtered Bounce Mix
      Release: Hey Arnold! Beat Tape: 10th Anniversary Edition
      Label: C-Smitten
  • High Skies – Sumatra
      Release: Sumatra – EP
      Label: Miso
  • Possums at Twilight – The Day Slowly Elapses
      Release: Moments, Final
      Label: Twilight Possums
  • Space Ghost – New World Energy (Ambient Mix)
      Release: New World Energy (Ambient Mix) – Single
      Label: Tartelet Records
  • Hotel Pools – Modes
      Release: Modes – Single
      Label: Wild Nature
  • Soft Static – I am an Ocean
      Release: I am an Ocean – Single
      Label: 3736632 Records DK
  • AWITW – The Mist
      Release: Inside World
      Label: Golden Forest Records
  • Adamlondon – Maple
      Release: Hiddenhills
      Label: SVNSET WAVES
  • edapollo – Synesthesia
      Release: Synesthesia (Teen Daze Remix) – Single
      Label: Foreign Family Collective
  • Hello Meteor – Heated Seats
      Release: Community Broadcasting
      Label: Evergreen Prefecture
  • Manatee Commune – Cast
      Release: Cast – Single
      Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings
  • Gold Panda – Your Good Times Are Just Beginning
      Release: Good Luck and Do Your Best
      Label: City Slang
  • Sensi Sye – Wake Up
      Release: Wake Up – Single
      Label: Sensi Sye

9AM Playlist

  • Stumbleine – We Missed the Fireworks
      Release: The Information Superhighway – Single
      Label: Stumbleine
  • Blackboxx – Midnight Dance
      Release: Seablushed – EP
      Label: Slime
  • cln – Dawn Chorus
      Release: Dawn Chorus
      Label: CLN
  • Lifeformed – Cider Time
      Release: Fastfall (Dustforce Original Game Soundtrack)
      Label: LOOPDISK
  • Goldwater – Celebrate
      Release: Discography
      Label: Goldwater
  • Bad Snacks – Fresh Air
      Release: Bathtub Bumps
      Label: Nettwerk Music Group
  • Arvo to me – Into Change
      Release: Into Change
      Label: Inner Ocean Records
  • Hotel Pools – Reflections
      Release: Reflections – Single
      Label: Wild Nature
  • Jay Cliffen – Eventide
      Release: Ebb – EP
      Label: Jay Cliffen
  • Daniel Avery – Illusion of Time
      Release: Illusion of Time – Single
      Label: Phantasy Sound / [PIAS]
  • Gold Panda – New Days
      Release: The Work
      Label: City Slang
  • Caleb Belkin – In Time
      Release: Summer Nights
      Label: Caleb Belkin
  • Bonus Points – Cocktails on the Patio
      Release: Eventide
      Label: Bonus Points
  • Brock Berrigan – Curtain Call
      Release: Chillhop Essentials Winter 2017
      Label: Chillhop Music
  • Frythm – Something New
      Release: Aurora
      Label: SXN
  • Leon Vynehall – Midnight on Rainbow Road (Beat Edit)
      Release: Midnight on Rainbow Road – Single
      Label: Rush Hour
  • Scott Xylo – Where Do I Go
      Release: Where Do I Go – Single
      Label: Scott Xylo
  • Microlot – El Born
      Release: Colour Space
      Label: Seven Villas

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