Café Chill playlist: Rsrch Chmcls, Qaett, Misha & Jussi Halme and more

This is a black and white image. The lower two thirds of a person can be seen peaking their upper third into a giant tree trunk's crevice. The tree is about 40 feet across and only the lowest section of the tree can fit in the picture. The giant tree is surrounded by smaller deciduous trees. A sign at the tree says 'Largest Tree At Muir Woods' with elevation, height and age information.

Did you miss Cafe Chill on Sunday, or want to listen again? ICYMI, the latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Rsrch Chmcls, Qaett, Misha & Jussi Halme and more. Hosted by Seth.

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Photo: “A Visitor Looks Into the Largest Tree At Muir Woods”. Credit: Golden Gate National Recreation Area/National Park Service, public domain [i].

Originally aired 17 Dec 2023

6AM Playlist

  • Lord RAJA – Dipteres Pt. 2
      Release: Rubies – EP
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Shepard – Not Bad Enough
      Release: Against Our Nation
      Label: Shepard
  • upusen – Tape End
      Release: Birds
      Label: Midwest Collective
  • Orange Crush – Invocation
      Release: Autumn Reflections
      Label: Orange Crush
  • Sun Glitters – Too Much to Lose
      Release: Everything Could Be Fine
      Label: Sun Glitters
  • Shigeto – Miss U
      Release: No Better Time Than Now
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Takeleave – Calibu
      Release: Inner Sea
      Label: Project Mooncircle
  • Swimming TV – Falling
      Release: Raindance – EP
      Label: Cosmonostro
  • Arms and Sleepers – Disintegrating In Your Soul
      Release: Former Kingdoms Remixed
      Label: Achillea Music
  • Eyukaliptus – Summit
      Release: The Moon_tape
      Label: 857594 Records DK
  • Koresma – Offshores
      Release: Offshores – Single
      Label: Koresma
  • Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics – Backen Punch
      Release: Details Am Rande
      Label: Seven Villas
  • Tycho – A Walk (Kolombo Remix)
      Release: Dive (Deluxe Version)
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Garden City Movement – Move On (Teen Daze Remix)
      Release: Entertainment – EP
      Label: BLDG5

7AM Playlist

  • Birocratic – Wrapped Up
      Release: Wrapped up / Falling to Pieces – Single
      Label: Birocracy
  • Eyukaliptus – Landing
      Release: The Moon_tape
      Label: 857594 Records DK
  • Greg Surmacz – Wanna Melt Totally
      Release: Timelines (Part 2)
      Label: XVI Records
  • Oldtwig – Cosmos
      Release: Dark Matter
      Label: Oldtwig
  • Floating Forest – Midnight Bloom
      Release: Inner Space
      Label: Floating Forest
  • Koresma & Feverkin – Golden (feat. Cuff Malloy)
      Release: Golden (feat. Cuff Malloy) – Single
      Label: Koresma
  • Southpaw – Do It Right
      Release: Moments.
      Label: 695581 Records DK2
  • Lone – Echo Paths
      Release: Always Inside Your Head
      Label: Greco-Roman
  • Chemtrails – Hoverpad
      Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 7
      Label: SVNSET WAVES
  • High Tides – Summer Reflections
      Release: Paradise Daze
      Label: Rad Cult
  • Memorex Memories – Ambervision (feat. Hotel Pools)
      Release: Pictures of Purple Skies
      Label: Stratford Ct.
  • A Sol Mechanic – Flight
      Release: Flight – Single
      Label: A Sol Mechanic
  • Emancipator & 9 Theory – Tangerine Sour
      Release: A Thousand Clouds – EP
      Label: Loci Records
  • Richard Alfaro – Inside
      Release: Refract
      Label: Richard Alfaro

8AM Playlist

  • Sleepyeyes – waffles
      Release: Breakfast
      Label: sleepyeyes
  • Tmpst – Transit
      Release: With Kindness
      Label: 797562 Records DK
  • Qaett – Along the Shore
      Release: Warm Reminders
      Label: Fedbymachines Audio
  • Misha & Jussi Halme – Fountain
      Release: Chillhop Essentials Winter 2023
      Label: Chillhop Music
  • Fujii – Familiar Faces
      Release: Spirit Anthem
      Label: Puget Sound Collective
  • Vanilla – Rainy Day
      Release: Origin
      Label: Self-Released
  • Angeldustmite – Colcannon
      Release: Second Breakfast
      Label: 967138 Records DK
  • Rsrch Chmcls – This Evening
      Release: This Evening – EP
      Label: 956233 Records DK
  • Lone – Boketto
      Release: Not Seeing Is a Flower – Single
      Label: Ancient Astronauts
  • Shlohmo – Looking at Plants
      Release: Heaven Inc. EP
      Label: Friends Of Friends
  • Ramakhandra – Haku (Rumtum Remix)
      Release: Haku (Rumtum Remix) – Single
      Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings
  • Blackbird Belle – Illuminance
      Release: Microcosm
      Label: Inner Ocean Records
  • Deeb – Flakes
      Release: Chillhop Essentials Winter 2016
      Label: Chillhop Music
  • Virtual Cat – Hydrangea
      Release: June Cat
      Label: Ikimono Records
  • Flamingosis – Passing By (feat. Birocratic)
      Release: Bright Moments
      Label: Kahuna Style
  • Monster Rally – Island Hopping
      Release: Botanica Dream
      Label: Monster Rally
  • Sundrenched – Deep In the Lab
      Release: The Sundrenched Lofi Guitar Ensemble Vol. 4
      Label: Dust-Tone

9AM Playlist

  • Bao & Venuz Beats – Brighter Times
      Release: Chillhop Essentials Winter 2023
      Label: Chillhop Music
  • Ian Ewing – Beauty
      Label: Blvnt Records
  • Sinh – Early Spring (feat. Masego)
      Release: Early Spring (feat. Masego) – Single
      Label: 695094 Records DK
  • Lux Natura – Rains
      Release: Ephemerals
      Label: 718048 Records DK
  • rosequartz – interlude
      Release: interlude – Single
      Label: SVNSET WŒõVES
  • C-Smitten – Sid and Stinky: LoFi Chill (feat. Marton Adami & Cute Joyous)
      Release: Hey Arnold! Beat Tape: 10th Anniversary Edition
      Label: C-Smitten
  • Poldoore – Celestial (A Tribute To Nujabes)
      Release: Celestial (A Tribute To Nujabes)
      Label: Poldoore Music
  • Oatmello – Wun For the Trees
      Release: memory
      Label: Inner Ocean Records
  • Jinsang – Untold
      Release: Life
      Label: VinDig
  • Jinsang – Cold Seas
      Release: Life
      Label: VinDig
  • Vanilla – AJFA
      Release: Soft Focus
      Label: VinDig
  • wowflower – Cool Group
      Release: Self Portrait
      Label: Street Corner Music
  • RUMTUM – Commit Way
      Release: Isles in Indigo
      Label: MERLIN – Bastard Jazz Recordings
  • Tycho – PBS
      Release: Past Is Prologue
      Label: ISO50 Records
  • Hotel Pools – Modes
      Release: Modes – Single
      Label: Hotel Pools
  • Eagle Eyed Tiger – Scatterbrain (Slowed)
      Release: Scatterbrain – Single
      Label: Eagle Eyed Tiger
  • Birocratic – The Long Retreat
      Release: The Long Retreat – Single
      Label: Birocratic and Many Hats Distribution
  • Forhill – Tangled
      Release: Tangled – Single
      Label: Forhill

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Richard J Dalton


  • You have the wrong 6AM playlist.

  • Also, the Human-Readable PDF for this episode and the CSV Spreadsheet from PRX are both missing as well as the rest of your Alt-Text about the photo being used in this episode also at PRX.

  • Café Chill Playlist: Sloslylove, Haircuts For Men and more.

    Only 7 more sleeps ’till Christmas!

    ICYMI, the latest armchair playlist features music from Sloslylove, Haircuts For Men and more. By Darius.

    Photo: “Squirrelfish and Grunts (hovering over the reef)”. Credit: Virgin Islands National Park/NPS Photo, public domain [i].


    Teebs – NES
    Birocratic, Brock Berrigan, iamalex, Philanthrope – Brockoli
    Big08 – Washed Out
    High Tides – Zolar
    Ebom – Myself
    Poldoore – Alfama
    Lyli J – Birdwatching
    Brothertiger – Tide Pool
    Yu-Utsu – Moon
    George Eye Sticker Studios – Beautiful Day
    Pacific Coast LLC – Wait Too Soon
    Frequency Control Centre – Iso-Elation
    TOR – City 66
    20HoursAfterDawn – Sweetness Of Fake Pollution


    Shigeto – Miss U
    Arms And Sleepers – Belong
    Space Ghost – Virtual Age
    Casino Versus Japan – Marilyn Set Me Free
    Mute City – Seawall
    Space Ghost – Color Waves
    TheNoiseMachine – Terminal Velocity
    Cialyn – Armful of Leaves
    Boards Of Canada – Everything You Do Is a Balloon
    Freescha – Kid Brother
    Squarepusher – Beep Street
    Takeleave – You
    1000names – Oxigonals



    0:01 – lover girl – Dearly
    0:03 – Teen Daze – Spring
    0:07 – Rita Miller – Italian Piano Suite, No. III (C)
    0:12 – Birocratic – snowdown
    0:15 – Elsa Hewitt – Inhaler
    0:22 – Sloslylove – Love Is Red
    0:25 – Mack – Resolution
    0:28 – Ukiyo – Look Up
    0:30 – Eagle Eyed Tiger – Feathers
    0:34 – D R O I D R O Y – Stray Light
    0:42 – Haircuts For Men – Breathing Vapor
    0:49 – Four Tet – Circling
    0:54 – Hu – North


    1:01 – Waveblock – Saint Sinner
    1:07 – 2814 – Impact
    1:14 – Waveblock – Distance
    1:18 – Hong Kong Express – Unfinished Business
    1:22 – Westend – P O R T R A I T (肖像画)
    1:30 – TOTO – 海水水族館レズビアン シーリー ビルディング (Saltwater Aquarium Lesbian City Building)
    1:37 – p4nther – Temporary
    1:39 – Haircuts For Men – トカ とき下 進化 – ハートレース (Toca Tokishimo Evolution – Heart Races)
    1:45 – Detroit Escalator Co. – Force
    1:54 – D R O I D R O Y – 紅潮

  • Hey Richard, what will be going on on Cafe Chill next week (December 31st)? Are we doing a special edition or something?

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