Cafe Chill: Live Blog + Playlist

Sunlight filters through the verdant foliage of a rainforest teeming with ferns and draped in emerald moss.

Edit: Playlist added at the end

We’re drifting through soundscapes of Cafe Chill here on the C89.5 Spring Membership Drive. As the blossoms unfurl and the world awakens, we invite you to join us on this sonic journey.

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Photo: “Olympic Rain Forest”. Credit: Olympic National Park/National Park Service, public domain.

6AM Hour Notes

Good morning. Thanks for joining us as we get things in order here. Everything seems to be working as planned so far. $500 goal this hour.

Seth just made the FCC connection.

Thank you:
Stunt Dad in Gig Harbor, $100

7AM Hour Thoughts

Sunrise did not disappoint. Pink, orange, and different blues.

$500 goal this hour (and $400 to make up from 6am, so $900 unofficially)

Thanks to:
Amy in Seattle $20/month
Stunt Dad in Gig Harbor $240
Will in Seattle $600
Ben in Seattle $360
Jeff in Seattle $250

Sunlight is coming through the windows here!

GOAL MET FOR THIS HOUR! Plus we made up for 6am. Thanks everyone!!!! On to the next hour now…

8AM Hour Inspirations

Our goal is $2000 this hour. If we hit $2k, Valerie will throw in an extra $1000!

Thanks to:
Stunt Dad in Gig Harbor $160
John in Renton $240
Steven in Seattle $50

$1550 left to make our goal & incentive.

Tyler in Kirkland $240
Peter in Redmond $500
Mark in Redmond $25
Mike in Hays, KS $1000
Noam in Seattle $180

Woohoo! We did it! An extra $1000 from Valerie!!

9AM Hour Striking Realizations

The goal is $1000 this hour.

Thanks to:
Erin and Kirby in Edmonds &150
Elizabeth in Edmonds $25

That leaves $825 before 9am.

Holly in Seattle $30/month
Josie in Seattle $50
Staci in Kenmore $50
Larry in Redmond $100

$265 left to go before 10am!

Victoria in Seattle $250
Esteban in Seattle $20/month
Kip in Bonney Lake $365
Allison in Paulsbo $120

We did it!! YAYYYY!!!

If we can coordinate properly, we’ll try to get the playlist up later.

Thanks again everyone!


Shigeto – Deep Breathing (from Intermission – EP)
Wave damage – Dark Qualities (from Evil Play – EP)
Forteba – Collective Flora (from Collective Flora – Single)
Seemio – Untitled ii (from Untitled – Single)

[talk break]

Frequency Control Centre – Caloris Montes (from Exp.1)
Helios – Isostacy (from Remembrance)
Segue – West Coast Rain (from Pacifica)

[talk break]

Boards of Canada – Olson (from Music Has the Right to Children)
Jogging House – Plasma (from Holds)
Tycho – Sunrise Projector (from Past Is Prologue)
Gold Panda – New Days (from The Work)

[talk break]

Detroit Escalator Co. – Force (from Excerpts)
Terekke – Need U (from Plant Age)
A Vision of Panorama – Mediterranean Tribal (from Sentimental Coast – EP)
Lexx – Prelude to Happiness (from Cosmic Shift)

[talk break]

Session Victim – Am Continental (from Basic Instinct – EP)
Seb Wildblood – of transition (from sketches of transition)
London Syndrome – Roads (from Obscure)
TV in Bed – Comfortable Loneliness (from Tv In Bed)

[talk break]

Boards of Canada – Kid for Today (from In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country – EP)
Pbs’73 – Butterfly Inside (from Yesterday Network)
Casino Versus Japan – It’s Very Sunny (from Go Hawaii)

[talk break]

Jay Daniel – Muse (from Ssd – EP)
D.K. – High on the Sea (from Island of Dreams)
Pacific Coliseum – Ocean City (from Ocean City)
Sun Glitters – Ocean Views (from Ocean Views – EP)

[talk break]

Lone – Jaded (from Reality Testing)
Four Tet – Teenage Birdsong (from Sixteen Oceans)
Sun Glitters – What Is It For? (from Apex vs. Totality – EP)
Letherette – Sun Up (from Brown Lounge, Vol. 5)

[talk break]

Lusine – Rafters (from Long Light)
Edamame – Bask (from Bask)
Boards of Canada – Aquarius (from Music Has the Right to Children)
Fujii – Waves (from Euphoria)
Sundrenched – Car Commercial (from Emerald – EP)

[talk break]

Four Tet – She Just Likes to Fight (from There Is Love in You)
Teen Daze – One For Paradise (from Natural Movement – EP)
Jon Hopkins – Sun Harmonics (from Immunity)

[talk break]

Pbs’73 – Helio Hills (from Viewers Like You)
boerd – Look (from Misplaced)
Lone – Pulsar (from Ambivert Tools, Vol. 4 – Single)

Richard J Dalton


  • Jeez, Stunt Dad! Going big (in general) on the donations there! Three already!

  • I slept in and woke up very late, so I missed the first few sets, but, am now tuned back in and am already enjoying the sets! May or may not donate, I’m still a teen and my mom helps me with the donations, so we don’t really do much when it comes to contributions, but I like helping out when I can! 🙂

      • I often use Spinitron to see playlists I missed or playlists of episodes I missed or had to skip sections of due to Easter (I actually had to stop listening because I had an Easter Egg Hunt with my brother!) And other things, but it is also always great to put it up on the website just in case the coordination on other sites doesn’t work well. Thanks for doing this! Always great to have a playlist for a show for people to know what kind music and songs were on air!

  • My bird and I love dancing in the morning with Cafe Chill. We did a small monthly pet donation to show our gratitude. Thanks for playing Boards of Canada such a throwback jam aaah!! Love this show and station.

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