Café Chill playlist: Avocado Combat, Kalaido and more

A white flowering rhododendron bush with green leaves. Sunlight dapples the leaves, and a blurred evergreen forest fills the background.

Thanks again for the awesome support last week. That was so much fun and it was great to hear from everyone.

ICYMI, the latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Avocado Combat, Kalaido and more. Hosted by Seth.

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Photo: “White Rhododendron”. Credit: Mount Rainier National Park/National Park Service, public domain [i].

Originally aired 07 Apr 2024

6AM Playlist

• Giraffage – SLO
  Release: Comfort
  Label: Giraffage

• Flamingosis & The Kount – Rhythm Ritual
  Release: Maniacs!
  Label: Flamingosis & The Kount

• Wave damage – Evil Play
  Release: Evil Play – EP
  Label: 4530854 Records DK

• Astropilot – Tenderness
  Release: Tenderness – Single
  Label: AstroPilot Music

• Hello Meteor – The Ceramic District
  Release: Conditioned Air
  Label: Evergreen Prefecture

• Cialyn – The Sun and The Light
  Release: OMEGA (Soundtrack)
  Label: Cialyn

• Tycho – Dictaphone’s Lament
  Release: Past Is Prologue
  Label: Ghostly International

• Soular Order – Liminal
  Release: 01/21 (A Live Album for Jamuary)
  Label: Soular Order

• Lyli J – Lunari
  Release: Lunari – EP
  Label: Monoke Records

• Jinx – Solace (Bonus) [Nightflyer Chill Mix]
  Release: Solace (Nightflyer Mix) – Single
  Label: Nightflyer

• Florida Skyline – Let’s Go Home Now
  Release: Anesthesia
  Label: Midwest Collective

• Memorex Memories – Beacon Hill
  Release: The Life of Riley
  Label: Stratford Ct.

• Teebs – Prayers i
  Release: Anicca
  Label: Brainfeeder

• Jinsang – bliss
  Release: life
  Label: VinDig

7AM Playlist

• CRAETION – Beachside
  Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 4

• Beerlover – i love you
  Release: To Make Love
  Label: Horeazon

• Treetalking – Eyes of the Observer
  Release: The Unknown
  Label: SXN

• Past Palms – Midnight Sun
  Release: When the Sun Reaches Its Highest Point in the Sky – Single
  Label: 581097 Records DK

• RUMTUM – Commit Way
  Release: Isles in Indigo
  Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings

• Resotone – What Never Was.
  Release: What Never Was. – Single
  Label: 702767 Records DK

• Emancipator – Pancakes
  Release: Baralku
  Label: Loci Records

• Freud – Faux Pas
  Release: Velvet Dance – EP
  Label: Substruct Audio

• Marley Carroll – Home Planet
  Release: Home Planet – Single
  Label: Melanaster Records

• Macroblank – Vice Grip
  Label: Macroblank

• Florida Skyline – Let’s Go Home Now
  Release: Anesthesia
  Label: Midwest Collective

• Ruck P – Belvedere
  Release: Belvedere – Single
  Label: Chillhop Music

• Birocratic – Wrapped Up
  Release: Wrapped up / Falling to Pieces – Single
  Label: Birocracy

8AM Playlist

• A L E X – Cube
  Release: Beatsupply: Crate02 – EP
  Label: Beatsupply

• Peter Bark – Hidden Trails
  Release: Empty Rooms
  Label: Inner Ocean Records

• Segue – West Coast Rain
  Release: Pacifica
  Label: 1468568 Records DK

• Panda Coast – Shiloh
  Release: Something to Hold Onto
  Label: 691237 Records DK

• Ethan Wilson – World Lines
  Release: Relativity – EP

• Kalaido – Mist Over a Pond
  Release: View Through the Mist – EP
  Label: Hip Dozer

• Avocado Combat – Homecoming
  Release: S.U.R.F.!
  Label: Avocado Combat

• SwuM & Delayde – Motions
  Release: Chillhop Essentials Spring 2021
  Label: Chillhop Music

• Moshun – Strawberry Cheesecake
  Release: Emotions
  Label: Moshun Sound

• Jinsang – In the Rain
  Release: Drafts // Concepts Vol.1 – EP
  Label: 1302675 Records DK

• Lone – Jaded
  Release: Reality Testing
  Label: R&S Records

• D.K. – High on the Sea
  Release: Island of Dreams
  Label: Antinote

• Space Ghost – 4 Am
  Release: 4 Am – Single
  Label: Tartelet Records

• Uinta – Taw
  Release: Sweetest
  Label: mind.slave

• Teen Daze – Looking West
  Release: Late Summer Compilation Vol.10 (Part II)
  Label: LAGASTA

9AM Playlist

• ISAN – Ship
  Release: Plans Drawn In Pencil
  Label: Morr Music

• Virtual Cat – Hydrangea
  Release: June Cat
  Label: Ikimono Records

• Cydny – Sunday Morning
  Release: Cydny
  Label: Step Pepper

• Swimming TV – Shaman
  Release: Raindance – EP
  Label: Cosmonostro

• Elsa Hewitt – Tiny Dancer
  Release: Citrus Paradisi
  Label: ERH

• Peter Bark – Breakfast For Dinner
  Release: Empty Rooms
  Label: Inner Ocean Records

• Space Ghost – New World Energy (Ambient Mix)
  Release: New World Energy (Ambient Mix)
  Label: Tartelet Records

• Teen Daze – The Endless Summer
  Release: Lost Songs 3
  Label: Teen Daze

• Shigeto – Deep Breathing
  Release: Intermission – EP
  Label: Ghostly International

• Jesse Whomst – Foggy Nights
  Release: Yawn – EP
  Label: Jesse Whomst

• Tycho – Awake
  Release: Awake
  Label: Ghostly International

• Birocratic – the long retreat
  Release: the long retreat – Single
  Label: Birocratic and Many Hats Distribution

• Brothertiger – Tide Pool
  Release: Fundamentals, Vol. I
  Label: Brothertiger

• Pacific Coliseum – Ocean City
  Release: Ocean City
  Label: Coastal Haze

• Seb Wildblood – of transition
  Release: sketches of transition
  Label: AMT

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Richard J Dalton


  • Café Chill Playlist: Pbs’73, AWITW, Boom Bip and more.

    Thanks to Stunt Dad in Gig Harbor, Amy, Will, Ben, and Jeff in Seattle, John in Renton, Steven in Seattle, Tyler in Kirkland, Peter and Mark in Redmond, Mike in Hays, KS, Noam in Seattle, Erin, Kirby, and Elizabeth in Edmonds, Holly and Josie in Seattle, Staci in Kenmore, Larry in Redmond, Victoria and Esteban in Seattle, Kip in Bonney Lake, Allison in Poulsbo, and Andrew for all of your help in contributions and donations during the C89.5 Café Chill Pledge Drive last week AND to EVERYONE for contributing during the C89.5 Spring Pledge Drive! I was an hour and a half late last week, but it was still fun celebrating Easter and having fun with the playlists and all of the music that was heard! We all appreciate hearing from everyone!!!

    ICYMI, the latest armchair playlist features music from Pbs’73, AWITW, Boom Bip and more. By Darius

    Photo: “White Rhododendron”. Credit: Mount Rainier National Park/National Park Service, public domain [i].


    Limes – Heyo
    Jinsang – reflection
    Brothertiger – Tide Pool
    Seemio – Untitled ii
    Freud – Faux Pas
    2814 – Impact
    Tycho – From Home
    A.L.I.S.O.N – Weightless
    Teebs – Mirror Memory
    Soft Static – 05′
    Nightflyer – Sanctuary
    High Tides – Zolar
    Monster Rally – Moonlight Ballroom
    Smika – Quartz


    Aonian – Ascent – Landscape Version
    Bad Snacks – While You Sleep
    Qaett – Acrux
    Hello Meteor – The Second Iteration
    Le Caire – Selfless
    20HoursAfterDawn – No Sun Into The Void
    Senoy – — (World) Tennyson – Streamer 2-Chōme
    mu arae – A Far Away Place
    Slow Magic – Let U Go
    Jinsang – Some Other Time
    Feverkin & Koresma – Folds
    Giraffage – Girl
    Birocratic – At Most
    Sloslylove – Bedroom


    Teebs – Prayers ii
    Southpaw – Blackbird (Interlude)
    Pbs’73 – VVonderhaze
    AWITW – Stairs, Leaving
    Home – Half Moon
    Fujii – Gleam Axis
    Hello Meteor – Lanai Lookout
    King Shi – Father’s Love
    Boom Bip – Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards Of Canada Remix)
    AWITW – Through Memories
    Pablo Bolivar – Fuse
    Visitors – Nothing Is Necessary
    Coubo – DIVIDE


    Blankton Cors – Unhappy
    Hello Meteor – The Tropic Sport Lounge
    Rhombus Index – Leptosol
    Zola Blood – Meridian (Applescal Remix)
    Falcxne – Puddles
    Black Amazon Moon – Parental Mountain Advice
    D.K. – Juicy
    Elven Mirrors. – Violet Afterimage
    bootlegbby – awayefrumu
    Romo – Smokey
    TOR – Foxglove
    Griffin Paisley – The Clear Creek
    Pr4ntik – I thought it was okay but I was wrong
    Eagle Eyed Tiger – Cassette Culture
    Despicable – One Leaving
    Nari Thompsenn – the hidden, far side of the moon

  • How come they keep turning off comments after only a week instead of three?

      • Oh, gosh! That sure does suck! Having to make consequences because of spam impacts the specific schedule I have for posting my armchair playlist, in which I like to post my armchair playlist as a comment on the website at 10AM right after the regular Café Chill is done airing.

        Because of this, I now will probably need to figure something out about where I will be posting my armchair playlists for the next little while. I’ll probably make a website of Armchair Café Chill, or I’ll probably post it on one of my Green Dog FM websites and then send it to you as a link through G-Mail for you to see, but I definitely won’t be able to follow my posting schedule without any issues if you have to end up turning off comments after a week due to spam and you also have a specific schedule for posting your playlists. Then I’d have to wait.

        But don’t worry, and definitely stay tuned! I’ll solve the problem and figure something out for you eventually

        • It’s not intended to be a consequence. It just to give the bots fewer posts that they can post to. I’m not sure why the spam filters no longer work.

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