Café Chill playlist: Helios & Hollie Kennif, Naia Spiral and more

Dramatic landscape with sharply eroded cliffs and pointed rock formations, some in shadow. The foreground is covered in tall grass. A clear blue sky with patches of white, fluffy clouds completes the scene.

Did you miss Cafe Chill on Sunday, or want to listen again? ICYMI, the latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Helios & Hollie Kennif, Naia Spira and more. Hosted by Seth.

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Photo: “Badlands Shadows @ Badlands National Park”. Credit: Shaina Niehans, National Park Service, public domain [i].

Originally aired 14 Apr 2024

6AM Playlist

• BODYBITE – Woken Up by the Sun
  Release: Pretty World
  Label: 1629096 Records DK

• Birocratic – snowdown
  Release: Snowdown – Single
  Label: Birocracy

• Mvnners – Her in Mind
  Release: Her in Mind – Single
  Label: SXN

• Petite Douceur – I Know (Sunday Morning Mix)
  Release: I Know (Sunday Morning Mix)
  Label: Petite Douceur

• Hello Meteor – The Ceramic District
  Release: Conditioned Air
  Label: Evergreen Prefecture

• Hotel Pools – Spring
  Release: Constant
  Label: Wild Nature

• Cialyn – The Sun and The Light
  Release: OMEGA (Soundtrack)
  Label: Cialyn

• Tycho – Dictaphone’s Lament
  Release: Past Is Prologue
  Label: Ghostly International

• Horizon Fire – Asimov
  Release: Earthlight
  Label: 579457

• Pbs’73 – Kaleidosphere
  Release: Viewers Like You
  Label: 635970 Records DK

• Bibio – Look at Orion!
  Release: Silver Wilkinson
  Label: Warp Records

• Shigeto – Miss U
  Release: No Better Time Than Now
  Label: Ghostly International

• fruit – Gemology
  Release: Opal Melt – EP
  Label: SXN

• Sundrenched – Tomorrow
  Release: The Sundrenched Lofi Guitar Ensemble Vol 4
  Label: Dust-Tone

7AM Playlist

• Sundrenched – Autumn Memories
  Release: The Sundrenched Lofi Guitar Ensemble Vol 4
  Label: Dust-Tone

• Koresma – Free
  Release: North – EP
  Label: Koresma

• Past Palms – Flowerbed
  Release: Empyrean – EP
  Label: 581097 Records DK

• Memorex Memories – Beacon Hill
  Release: The Life of Riley
  Label: Stratford Ct.

• Emancipator – Waxin
  Release: Mountain of Memory
  Label: Loci Records

• Evance – Emotions
  Release: Emotions – Single
  Label: Evance

• 100 Day Delay – Yarrow
  Release: Yarrow
  Label: 645497 Records DK

• Richard Alfaro – Sands
  Release: Refract
  Label: Richard Alfaro

• RUMTUM – Shade Fader
  Release: Isles in Indigo
  Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings

• ITO – The Cliff
  Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 7

• Flamingosis – Future Lounge (feat. A Sol Mechanic)
  Release: Kahunastyle
  Label: Kahuna Style

• Jinsang – eyes
  Release: life.
  Label: VinDig

• Monster Rally – Ginger on the Wind (feat. Mira Cook)
  Release: Menagerie – Single
  Label: Gold Robot Records

• Monster Rally – Hazy Palava
  Release: Sunflower – EP
  Label: Monster Rally

• Birocratic – At Most
  Release: Chillhop Essentials Winter 2017
  Label: Chillhop Music

• The Geek x VRV – Greece Sunrise
  Release: Greece Sunrise – Single
  Label: The Geek and VRV

8AM Playlist

• Birocratic, Brock Berrigan, iamalex & Philanthrope – Brockoli
  Release: Chillhop Essentials Spring 2021
  Label: Chillhop Music

• Peter Bark – Golden Hour
  Release: Empty Rooms
  Label: Inner Ocean Records

• Feverkin – Eternal Ascent pt. I (feat. Na√Øa Spiral)
  Release: Eternal Ascent (Original Soundtrack) – EP
  Label: 559975 Records DK2

• Hello Meteor – Heated Seats
  Release: Community Broadcasting
  Label: Evergreen Prefecture

• Forteba – Collective Flora
  Release: Collective Flora – Single
  Label: Midnight Fashion

• Bad Snacks – Settle In
  Release: Bathtub Bumps
  Label: Nettwerk Music Group

• Manatee Commune – Island
  Release: Brush
  Label: Record Union

• Volo – Wild Mind
  Release: Wild Mind – EP
  Label: Vibecast

• Zane Alexander – End of Eons
  Release: End of Eons – Single
  Label: Zane Alexander

• YOUTH 83 & Forhill – Currents
  Release: Currents – Single
  Label: YOUTH 83

• Chemtrails – Hoverpad
  Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 7

• Helios and Hollie Kennif – Slow Motion Dream
  Release: Slow Motion Dream – Single
  Label: Unseen

• RUMTUM – Shade Fader
  Release: Isles in Indigo
  Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings

• Yu-Utsu – Clear
  Release: Yu-Utsu
  Label: Midwest Collective

• cerulean – Imagine
  Release: Imagine – Single
  Label: 1369135 Records DK

• Monster Rally – Baja Samba
  Release: Return to Paradise
  Label: Monster Rally

9AM Playlist

• Feverkin & Alaskan Tapes – Here & There
  Release: Here & There – Single
  Label: 559975 Records DK2

• Swimming TV – With You
  Release: Raindance – EP
  Label: Cosmonostro

• il:lo – Reine (feat. Brain Blake)
  Release: Places – EP
  Label: Nettwerk Music Group

• Flaws & Pulsate & Scientific – Ambivalence
  Release: Ambivalence – Single
  Label: Prrrrrrr Records

• slom – Nightshifts
  Release: Nightshifts – Single
  Label: Slom

• Elsa Hewitt – For My Confusion
  Release: Chaos Emeralds
  Label: Tompkins Square

• Past Palms – Midnight Sun
  Release: When the Sun Reaches Its Highest Point in the Sky – Single
  Label: 581097 Records DK

• Soft Static – Feel Free
  Release: Sleeping Giant IV (2016)
  Label: 3736632 Records DK

• Foewi – Archipelago/Urbanaxia
  Release: Archipelago/Urbanaxia – Single
  Label: 1205714 Records DK

• Flamingosis – Airplane Mode
  Release: Bright Moments
  Label: Kahuna Style

• Jinsang – trust the process
  Release: Drafts // Concepts Vol.1 – EP
  Label: 1302675 Records DK

• Birocratic – snowdown
  Release: Snowdown – Single
  Label: Birocracy

• Brothertiger – Outer Zone
  Release: Fundamentals, Vol. V
  Label: Brothertiger

• Wave damage – Vivid Blue
  Release: Vivid Blue – EP
  Label: 4530854 Records DK

• Flamingosis – Breakfast Poutine
  Release: Great Hair
  Label: Flamingosis

• Veeshy – Sunset Strip (Instrumental Mix)
  Release: Sunset Strip – Single
  Label: Monstercat

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Richard J Dalton


  • Café Chill Playlist: RedBalloon, Ta-Ku and more.

    Do you ever find it interesting to dig up old songs from way back in the day, re-visit them, and then bring them back on the show? I did that this week, with a little help from my friends here this week such as RedBalloon and Ta-Ku, but also visited some new stuff as well, like we usually do here on the show. So grab a snack and/or some chocolate milk (or other beverage of your desire) and let’s go for a ride hosted by Darius!

    Photo: “Badlands Shadows @ Badlands National Park”. Credit: Shaina Niehans, National Park Service, public domain [i].


    Poldoore & Ian Urbina – High Tide
    Sundrenched – Down Moon
    Qaett – Smither
    Plaid – Do Matter
    100 Day Delay – Yarrow
    Awlnight – Rare Footage
    Koresma & Koala Karlous – All Turn To One
    Abel, The Giant – Better Tomorrow
    Forhill – Expanse
    Sloslylove – Memories (Secrets)
    A.L.I.S.O.N – Weightless
    Feverkin – Coyote
    TOR – Lightraker
    System – Manarola
    Photay – Off-Piste
    WMD – Another song about Ruby


    wowflower – sidewalk slowdance
    Resotone – Never The Same
    Tovier – Sitting Down On A Luxury Plane
    Jay Cliffen And LaFlamme – Bo-Tree
    LaFlamme – Oceania
    IG88 – Want
    Greg Surmacz – Wanna Melt Totally
    Telefon Tel Aviv – Life Is All About Taking Things In and Putting Things Out
    il:lo – Ronda
    Waveblock – Shells
    Dasta – Kiss
    ITO – The Cliff
    Tmpst – Transit
    Flamingosis – Snacks On Snacks
    Swimming TV – Spring


    Stwimson – Pictures of Mirrors
    Treetalking – Stargazing
    Haunted Lakes – Cory
    früit – Jaded
    Edamame – Lungs Full
    Soft – Pedals
    Ta-Ku – I Miss You
    Ian Urbina & Misc.Inc – The Middleman
    RedBalloon – Sleeping With Plants
    LAIRE – Final Coming
    Romo – Smokey
    Forhill – Iridescent
    Rhoda – For You (Flamingosis Remix)
    Everett Orr – Closer
    Eushio – Parrona
    The Geek x VRV – Greece Sunrise


    upusen – Not Good
    Tiger Valley – Empirosa
    A.L.I.S.O.N. – Sunshine Girl
    Haunted Lakes – Hyrilcea
    Monster Rally – Golden Shores
    Sun Glitters – Cosmic Oceans (feat. Steffaloo)
    A Gap Between – Orange Horizon
    Jamie xx – Sleep Sound
    EeMu – Body
    Sloslylove – Memories (Secrets)
    Hello Meteor – Night Blooming Jasmine
    Elsa Hewitt – Inhaler
    Edamame – Bask
    Dasta – Luv
    Nancy – Italian Harlem
    Sundrenched – Fireworks
    Kauf – Through The Yard (Fort Romeau Instrumental Remix)

  • Café Chill Playlist: Margaret & The Sushi, King Shi and more.

    ICYMI, the latest armchair playlist features music from Margaret & The Sushi, King Shi and more. By Darius.

    Photo: “Pink Sky”. Credit: White Sands National Park, National Park Service, public domain [i].


    Elven Mirrors. – Deep And Solemn
    Laflamme – Bo-Tree
    t.quoise – Life in Reverse
    Bowcraft – Saltair
    Catching Flies – Silver Linings
    IG88 – Want
    Galactic Language – Spacial Echoes
    Casino Versus Japan – Marilyn Set Me Free
    Rykard – North Cormorant Obscurity
    Melorman – Salty Air
    Ramakhandra – Haku (Rumtum Remix)
    Dylan Stark – Northern
    Frameworks – Rotations


    Janelle Costa – Rain
    Sundrenched – Car Commercial
    Annu – Fire Clearing
    After Howard’s End – Megabone
    Hu – Hyponectic Parralax
    Peregrihn – Ambrosia
    il:lo – Reine (feat. Brain Blake)
    Tovier – Rosewater Walking
    Waveblock – future4u
    ind_fris – pwp
    Public Forest – We Don’t Talk Anymore
    Pbs’73 – Viewers Like You
    Hello Meteor – The Exoplanet Environmental Trust
    Deep Shoq – Forward


    After Howard’s End – Escapism
    Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv
    Margaret & The Sushi – Nothing to Arrest Inside of Me
    King Shi – Father’s Love
    Ian Urbina & Misc.Inc – The Middleman
    P.SUS – End of the Rainbow
    Haunted Lakes – Cory
    Christopher Willits – Clear
    London Syndrome – Roads
    Kradicko Post – I’m Yours
    Of Tepe – Unknown Places: Unknown Faces
    Soular Order – Hiraeth
    After Howard’s End – Spring Equinox
    SwuM & Delayde – Motions


    Sheepsheer – Tired
    20HoursAfterDawn – No Sun Into The Void
    gonima – Warm Season
    Dokkodo Sounds – Midwinter
    Daneel – Debris
    D.K. – Juicy
    Gold Panda – Swimmer (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix)
    Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe – Harmonics, Pt. 1
    Lusine – Retrace
    Forhill – Arboretum
    Blithe Field – Milkshakes In The Rain
    sumtimes why – Equilibrium
    wowflower – Sidewalk Slowdance
    Sheepsheer – Yawn
    Polygrim – Ever So Slightly
    Hotel Pools – Highlights
    Gramatik – Anima Mundi (feat. Russ Liquid) [Bibliotek Remix]
    Hello Meteor – The Exoplanet Environmental Trust
    Birocratic – Bob Ross Goes To Hollywood

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