Café Chill playlist: Pbs’73, Chickenwizard and more

Desert mountain valley with a rainbow arcing below a mostly clear blue sky. Light rain falls on the dry brown ground where scattered desert plants grow.

Did you miss Cafe Chill on Sunday, or want to listen again? ICYMI, the latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Pbs’73, Chickenwizard and more. Hosted by Seth.

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Photo: “The Ajo Mountains During a Winter Rain”. Credit: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument/National Park Service, public domain [i].

Originally aired 24 Mar 2024

6AM Playlist

•Shigeto – Safe in Here
  Release: No Better Time Than Now
  Label: Ghostly International

•Sundrenched – Flyby
  Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 7

•A Sol Mechanic – Flight
  Release: Flight – Single
  Label: A Sol Mechanic

•Orange Crush – Invocation
  Release: Autumn Reflections
  Label: Orange Crush

•t.quoise – Life in Reverse
  Release: Life in Reverse
  Label: Soundsphere

•Hello Meteor – Emergent Algorithms
  Release: Community Broadcasting
  Label: Evergreen Prefecture

•Rosentwig – Dawsonia
  Release: Dawsonia – Single
  Label: Rosentwig

•Koresma – Northern Lights
  Release: North – EP
  Label: Koresma

•Marley Carroll – Ice Cavern
  Release: Ice Cavern / Water Temple – Single
  Label: Loci Records

•Ramakhandra – Haku (Rumtum Remix)
  Release: Haku (Rumtum Remix) – Single
  Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings

•Jinx – Solace (Bonus) [Nightflyer Chill Mix]
  Release: Solace (Nightflyer Mix) – Single
  Label: Nightflyer

•Lyli J – Lunari
  Release: Lunari – EP
  Label: Monoke Records

•gonima – Warm Season
  Release: Strands

•VIQ – Journey
  Release: Last Path
  Label: VIQ

7AM Playlist

•Jinsang – eyes
  Release: life.
  Label: VinDig

•Space Ghost – Ufo
  Release: Dance Planet
  Label: Tartelet Records

•Gold Falls – KMNK
  Release: KMNK – Single
  Label: Gold Falls

  Release: Relief

•Telefon Tel Aviv – John Thomas on the Inside Is Nothing but Foam
  Release: Fahrenheit Fair Enough
  Label: Ghostly International

•Mt. Marcy – Shamans
  Release: Nietzsche
  Label: mt. marcy and friends

•Arms and Sleepers – Disintegrating In Your Soul
  Release: Former Kingdoms
  Label: Achillea Music

•Boards of Canada – ROYGBIV (Lone cover)
  Release: ROYGBIV (Lone cover)
  Label: Warp Records

•ITO – The Cliff
  Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 7

•Tycho – Coastal Brake
  Release: Dive
  Label: Ghostly International

•Washed Out – Don’t Give Up
  Release: Paracosm
  Label: Pod

•Angeldustmite – Grillades
  Release: Second Breakfast
  Label: 967138 Records DK

•ind_fris – Heat Mirage
  Release: Portfolio vol. 2
  Label: Scaffolder Recordings

•Teen Daze – Perfect Day For a Swim
  Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 6

•Bookwood – Chamberwinds (Marabou Remix)
  Release: Alterwinds – Single
  Label: EKORD

8AM Playlist

•Pbs’73 – VVonderhaze
  Release: Technicolor Dreamer – EP
  Label: Magic Square Records

•Chickenwizard – End Dream
  Release: Stargaze
  Label: Wizard Is a Chicken

•Kodomo – Concept 11
  Release: Still Life
  Label: 5 Points Records

•Hello Meteor – tropik(e)l- (BONUS STAGE)
  Release: The Oahu GP
  Label: Evergreen Prefecture

•Edamame – Wrong Flock
  Release: Nightlights
  Label: MERLIN – Abandon Building Records

•Teen Daze – The Endless Summer
  Release: Lost Songs 3
  Label: Teen Daze

•Eputty – 13th Feb 1997
  Release: Untitled Works – Single
  Label: Pulp Glitchin Records

•Cepia – Hoarse
  Release: Natura Morta
  Label: Ghostly International

•Four Tet – Unicorn
  Release: Beautiful Rewind
  Label: Text Records

•Sabi – Loose Contrulled
  Release: Forma. 3.10

•Gold Panda – The Most Liveable City
  Release: Half of Where You Live
  Label: Ghostly International

•FadedAeon – Out to Sea
  Release: Aqueous Anemoia
  Label: 1216998 Records DK2

•Memorex Memories – Wasting Time
  Release: Let Me Love You – Single
  Label: 1030018 Records DK2

•Windows 96 – Hello Earth
  Release: Enchanted Instrumentals and Whispers
  Label: Windows 96

•upusen – Nice Fridge
  Release: Birds
  Label: Midwest Collective

9AM Playlist

•TV in Bed – Sunny and Raining
  Release: Tv In Bed
  Label: 4804678 Records DK

•VIQ – Vestige
  Release: Crystal Shores
  Label: VIQ

•Resotone – What Never Was.
  Release: What Never Was. – Single
  Label: 702767 Records DK

•Feverkin – Eternal Ascent Pt. II
  Release: Eternal Ascent
  Label: Feverkin

•Oatmello – Ripples in the Dream (feat. Yutaka Hirasaka)
  Release: Reflection – Single
  Label: mello-fi

•Dillard – Summit
  Release: Empress LP
  Label: D93 Audio

•2814 – Impact
  Release: Lost Fragments
  Label: Dream Catalogue

•Emancipator – All In Here
  Release: Seven Seas
  Label: Loci Records

•Tycho – Ascension
  Release: Dive
  Label: Ghostly International

•Mndsgn – Hiking
  Release: Breatharian
  Label: Fresh Selects

•Koresma – Waves
  Release: Compass
  Label: Koresma

•Swimming TV – Spring
  Release: Raindance – EP
  Label: Cosmonostro

•Chromosphere – Barba di Bosco
  Release: Julia – EP
  Label: No Sense of Place Records

•Lone – Boketto
  Release: Not Seeing Is a Flower – Single
  Label: Ancient Astronauts

•Flamingosis – Nebula Gazer
  Release: Nebula Gazer – Single
  Label: Kahuna Style

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Richard J Dalton

1 comment

  • Darius S: Let's roll when it reaches sunrise, and grab a coffee and hang out to pass the time. says:

    Café Chill Playlist: Thrupence, slowgramming and more.

    Hey guys! Sorry this is late— I am very sick. I just needed a couple of long hours to sit down and rest without doing *anything* and so now I’m here with this week’s armchair edition of Café Chill!

    ICYMI, the latest armchair playlist features music from Thrupence, slowgramming and more. By Darius.

    Photo: “The Ajo Mountains During a Winter Rain”. Credit: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument/National Park Service, public domain [i].

    Next week is the GDFM & C89.5 Spring Fund Drive— really looking forward to feeling better so I can tune in, and also looking forward to hearing from everyone!


    Bad Snacks – Oh Shoot
    Kasseo – Almanac
    Insightful – Without
    Edamame – Mango Pulp (feat. Ian Ewing)
    Whirl – Soft Grass
    El Niño – Desicive Silence
    Edelweiss – Through Tracks
    Swimming TV – Spring
    Lyli J – Lunari
    Lucky Duck – Hardgrove
    WMD – A Downpour Spent Inside Under a Blanket / Always With You
    Yppah – Light Cycle
    Hello Meteor – The Second Iteration
    Nitemoves – Antipode


    Bad Snacks – While You Sleep
    Sov & Leaf Beach – Tokismokey
    innerinnerlife – Gingko Biloba
    Virtual Cat – Cat looking forward to summer
    Petite Douceur – I Know (Sunday Morning Mix)
    Mvnners – Her in Mind
    edapollo – Gold Light (feat. Akacia)
    Broke For Free – Jibberish
    X3SR – summerlush
    Frequency Control Centre – Caloris Montes
    Arvo to me – Diver
    Past Palms – Flowerbed
    Frameworks – The Dark
    Richard Alfaro – Sands
    Yu-Utsu – Clear


    Menta – Shibuya Streets
    Thrupence – Don’t You Mind
    upusen – Not Good
    Hotel Pools – Highlights
    A.L.I.S.O.N – Sunshine Girl
    Hello Meteor – Service Access
    slowgramming – Bufffer Overffflow
    Jay Cliffen – Efflorescence
    edapollo – Outcast
    Past Palms – Midnight Sun
    O.L.I.E – In June
    Dasta – Kiss
    Freud – Faux Pas
    Geotic – Actually Smiling
    Bad Snacks – Same Water Different Seas
    Sundrenched – Down Moon


    R. Juan – Icy Rain
    Tylun – Earthlight (2024)
    Gold Falls – KMNK
    Affelaye – This Isn’t You
    Birocratic – Open Late
    IG88 – While The Businessmen Sleep
    Telefon Tel Aviv – Lotus Above Water
    Zonra & Jackson Hale – December
    RedBalloon – Sleeping With Plants
    Possums At Twilight – Awake
    Hello Meteor – Light Between Structures
    Feverkin – Silhouette
    Thiago Rebello – Montana Lehgal Lehgal
    Dillard – Summit
    Waveblock & Logan Brown – breakfast trimester
    Sensi Sye – Wake Up
    Pbs’73 – Kaleidosphere

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