Café Chill playlist: Six Missing, Rejoicer, I-04 and more

Starry night sky with celestial light over a meadow surrounded by conifer trees.

Did the Sunday serenade of Cafe Chill slip by unheard, or do you yearn to revisit its sonic embrace? Fear not, for the latest episode, a tapestry woven with the melodies of Six Missing, Rejoicer, I-04, and more, awaits your rediscovery. Hosted by Seth, this program promises a renewed encounter with tranquility.

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Photo: “Night Sky”. Credit: Cedar Breaks National Monument/National Park Service, public domain [i].

Originally aired 12 May 2024

6AM Playlist

• Shlohmo – Wen Uuu (Covered by Santpoort)
  Release: FOF10: Friends of Friends at 10
  Label: Friends of Friends Music

• lover girl – Dearly
  Release: Stay Asleep – Single
  Label: SXN

• Arovane – Cry Osaka Cry (2023 Remaster)
  Release: Lilies (2023 Remaster)
  Label: City Centre Offices

• 100 Day Delay – Yarrow
  Release: Yarrow
  Label: 645497 Records DK

• Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover (Manatee Commune Remix)
  Release: Sunset Lover (Remixes)
  Label: Petit Biscuit Music

• Jinsang – night breeze
  Release: Solitude.
  Label: Vinyl Digital GmbH

• Hello Meteor – Lanai Lookout
  Release: Lanai Lookout – Single
  Label: FiXT

• Lyli J – Agave
  Release: Micro Wanders
  Label: See Blue Audio

• X3SR – Farewell
  Release: Sublimation
  Label: X3SR

• Foewi – Archipelago/Urbanaxia
  Release: Archipelago/Urbanaxia – Single
  Label: 1205714 Records DK

• Imagined Herbal Flows – Departure
  Release: Departure – EP
  Label: Seeking Blue

• VIQ – Illusion
  Release: Crystal Shores
  Label: VIQ

• Frequency Control Centre – Float Left
  Release: Exp.1
  Label: Bad Bat Records

• Frameworks – The Dark
  Release: Imagine Gold
  Label: Loci Records

• Fallen Roses & B dom – Yours and Nobody Elses’s
  Release: Yours and Nobody Elses’s – Single
  Label: Majestic Casual Records

7AM Playlist

• Limes – Heyo
  Release: Fresh Squeezed
  Label: 638275 Records DK

• Jinsang – reflection
  Release: life
  Label: VinDig

• Brothertiger – Tide Pool
  Release: Fundamentals Vol 1
  Label: Brothertiger

• Seemio – Untitled ii
  Release: Untitled – Single
  Label: Seemio Music

• Freud – Faux Pas
  Release: Velvet Dance – EP
  Label: Substruct Audio

• 2814 – Impact
  Release: Lost Fragments
  Label: Dream Catalogue

• Tycho – From Home
  Release: Past Is Prologue
  Label: Ghostly International

• A.L.I.S.O.N – Weightless
  Release: Polymoon – EP
  Label: A.L.I.S.O.N

• Teebs – Mirror Memory
  Release: Anicca
  Label: Brainfeeder

• Soft Static – 05′
  Release: 05′ – Single
  Label: 3736632 Records DK

• Nightflyer – Sanctuary
  Release: Sanctuary – Single
  Label: Nightflyer

• High Tides – Zolar
  Release: Zolar – Single
  Label: Rad Cult

• Monster Rally – Moonlight Ballroom
  Release: Moonlight Ballroom – Single
  Label: Singles Club

• Smika – Quartz
  Release: Opal
  Label: Inner Ocean Records

8AM Playlist

• Tobias – Laputa
  Release: Laputa – Single
  Label: Tobias

• Bowcraft – Video Video
  Release: Many Distant Cities
  Label: 1469535 Records DK

• Six Missing – Sitting Beachside
  Release: counter:point – EP
  Label: Nettwerk Music Group

• Rejoicer – Graveyard Party
  Release: This Is Reasonable
  Label: Circus Company

• I-04 – Proteus
  Release: I-04 – EP
  Label: Slam Pang

• Affelaye – Parhelion
  Release: The Swim – EP
  Label: Bad Taste

• Elsa Hewitt – For My Confusion
  Release: Chaos Emeralds
  Label: Tompkins Square

• Borealism – Slide
  Release: So, What’s New With You?
  Label: Borealism

• Shigeto – Olivia
  Release: No Better Time Than Now
  Label: Ghostly International

• t.quoise – Wait
  Release: Life in Reverse
  Label: Soundsphere

• Helios and Hollie Kennif – Wild Light
  Release: Wild Light – Single
  Label: Helios and Hollie Kennif

• AWITW – Faces
  Release: Inside World
  Label: Golden Forest Records

• Boards of Canada – Kid for Today
  Release: In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country – EP
  Label: Warp Records

• High Skies – Sumatra
  Release: Sumatra – EP
  Label: Miso

• Sun Glitters – What Is It For?
  Release: Apex vs. Totality – EP
  Label: DXFXWXU Collective

9AM Playlist

• Washed Out – Entrance
  Release: Paracosm
  Label: Pod

• Rhoda – For You (Flamingosis Remix)
  Release: For You (Flamingosis Remix) – Single
  Label: Rhoda

• Jinsang – journey
  Release: life
  Label: VinDig

• Monster Rally – Floating Along a River
  Release: Flower Shower – EP
  Label: Monster Rally

• Vanilla – AJFA
  Release: Soft Focus
  Label: VinDig

• Menta – Shibuya Streets
  Release: Natural Sounds
  Label: SXN

• Sundrenched – Deep In the Lab
  Release: The Sundrenched Lofi Guitar Ensemble Vol. 4
  Label: Dust-Tone

• Teebs – Shells
  Release: Anicca
  Label: Brainfeeder

• Birocratic – Sleepyface
  Release: Beets 4
  Label: Birocratic and Many Hats Distribution

• Holly BB – Second Spring
  Release: Second Spring – Single
  Label: 1005955 Records DK

• RUMTUM – Tropic Air
  Release: Isles in Indigo
  Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings

• beachowl – Motel Pools
  Release: Motel Pools – EP
  Label: 3361561 Records DK

• Doctor Guava – Infinity
  Release: Infinity – Single
  Label: Inner Ocean Records

• Shadley Peterson – Seaside
  Release: Pearls
  Label: Keats Collective

• Manatee Commune – Epiphany, if Only
  Release: Brush
  Label: Record Union

• Macroblank – Vice Grip
  Label: Macroblank

• Monster Rally – Willows Hymn
  Release: Botanica Dream
  Label: Monster Rally

• Birocratic & G Mills – shoobedoo
  Release: shoobedoo – Single
  Label: Decatur Boiz

• Gold Panda – Pink and Green
  Release: Good Luck and Do Your Best
  Label: City Slang

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