Café Chill playlist: Tom Day, Hello Meteor and more

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Did you miss the latest episode on Sunday? No worries! Relive the vibe with tracks from Tom Day, Hello Meteor, and more. Hosted by Seth.

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Photo: “Who, Me?”. Credit: Kobuk Valley National Park/National Park Service, public domain [i].

Originally aired 05 May 2024

6AM Playlist

• Arovane – Passage to Nagoya (2023 Remaster)
  Release: Lilies (2023 Remaster)
  Label: City Centre Offices

• Space Ghost – Aquarium Nightclub
  Release: Aquarium Nightclub
  Label: Tartelet Records

• Orange Crush – Invocation
  Release: Autumn Reflections
  Label: Orange Crush

• t.quoise – Life in Reverse
  Release: Life in Reverse
  Label: Soundsphere

• flow.ctrl – Nightlight
  Release: Lullaby – EP
  Label: flow.ctrl

• fr√it – Yellow Waters
  Release: Opal Melt – EP
  Label: SXN

• Pablo Bolivar – Fuse
  Release: Framework of a Dream
  Label: Seven Villas

• Drips Zacheer – Gardenia
  Release: Gardenia – Single
  Label: Inner Ocean Records

• Frequency Control Centre – National Sound Division
  Release: Exp.1
  Label: Bad Bat Records

• Hu – North
  Release: Navigate – EP
  Label: anon recordings

• Boards of Canada – Everything You Do Is a Balloon
  Release: Hi Scores
  Label: Skam Records

• 20HoursAfterDawn – Sweetness Of Fake Pollution
  Release: Sun Will Crackle – EP
  Label: I Low You records

• Monster Rally – Enchanted Wine
  Release: Return to Paradise
  Label: Monster Rally

7AM Playlist

• Chemtrails – Hoverpad
  Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 7

• wowflower – sidewalk slowdance
  Release: brodies attestupa
  Label: Wowflower

• Seemio – Untitled ii
  Release: Untitled – Single
  Label: Seemio Music

• Leon Vynehall – Movements (Chapter III)
  Release: Nothing Is Still
  Label: Ninja Tune

• Tekvision – Lament
  Release: Lament – Single
  Label: independent

• edapollo – Illuminate
  Release: Air / Illuminate – Single
  Label: Opine

• Hotel Pools – Highlights
  Release: Vital / Highlights – Single
  Label: Wild Nature / Stratford Ct.

• A.L.I.S.O.N – Sunshine Girl
  Release: Sunshine Girl – Single
  Label: A.L.I.S.O.N

• Eagle Eyed Tiger – Frontier
  Release: On the Run
  Label: Orbital Rendezvous

• VIQ – Vestige
  Release: Crystal Shores
  Label: VIQ

• Boards of Canada – Left Side Drive
  Release: Trans Canada Highway – EP
  Label: Warp Records

• Macroblank – can’t fight it
  Label: Macroblank

• Hello Meteor – Dusk Weather
  Release: Comfortable Loneliness
  Label: Evergreen Prefecture

• boerd – Look
  Release: Misplaced
  Label: Anjunadeep

8AM Playlist

• Lusine – Rafters
  Release: Long Light
  Label: MERLIN – Ghostly International

• Sleepdealer – Astoria
  Release: Yerba
  Label: Nettwerk Music Group

• Hello Meteor – Geopolymers
  Release: Said Ghosts
  Label: Evergreen Prefecture

• Helios and Hollie Kennif – Wild Light
  Release: Wild Light – Single
  Label: Helios and Hollie Kennif

• altered sigh – Remember
  Release: Remember – Single
  Label: Nocturne Recordings

• Eagle Eyed Tiger – Trapdoor
  Release: Future or Past – EP
  Label: Orbital Rendezvous

• Wave damage – Vivid Blue
  Release: Vivid Blue – EP
  Label: 4530854 Records DK

• Brothertiger – Outer Zone
  Release: Fundamentals Vol. V
  Label: Brothertiger

• Tom Day – Train to Nagano
  Release: Train to Nagano – Single
  Label: Peaks

• Blackbird Blackbird – Lifestream
  Release: Hearts
  Label: PLANCHA

• Bad Snacks – While You Sleep
  Release: Bathtub Bumps
  Label: Nettwerk Music Group

• Christopher Willits – Clear (Boreta Remix)
  Release: Clear (Boreta Remix) – Single
  Label: Glass Air

• Cepia – Hoarse
  Release: Natura Morta
  Label: Ghostly International

• Dillard – Summit
  Release: Empress LP
  Label: D93 Audio

• Bakradze – An Evening With John
  Release: Restless
  Label: Space Hardware

9AM Playlist

• Six Missing – Sitting Beachside
  Release: counter:point – EP
  Label: Nettwerk Music Group

• Melorman – Salty Air
  Release: For the Sun
  Label: ORCHARD – Same Difference Music

• Soft Static – Heavenly
  Release: Heavenly – Single
  Label: 3736632 Records DK

• Deep Shoq – Marathon
  Release: Pause – EP

• Janelle Costa – Vibrations
  Release: Vibrations – Single
  Label: Janelle Costa Music

• Monster Rally & RUMTUM – Wilson (Bonus Track)
  Release: Mr&Rt
  Label: Monster Rally

• Frequency Control Centre – Float Left
  Release: Exp.1
  Label: Bad Bat Records

• Aliam – Aotra
  Release: Via – Single
  Label: ecotone sounds

• Khotin – Dwellberry
  Release: Beautiful You
  Label: Ghostly International

• Kawsaki – Endless Spa
  Release: Cool Vibes
  Label: Kawsaki Audio Service

• D.K. – Juicy
  Release: Drop
  Label: BELIEVE – Antinote

• Affelaye – Parhelion
  Release: The Swim – EP
  Label: Bad Taste

• Visitors – Triple Life
  Release: Triple Life – Single
  Label: 4361593 Records DK

• Rosentwig – Cascade
  Release: Cascade – Single
  Label: Rosentwig

• Sloslylove – Secret Dreams
  Release: Secret Dreams
  Label: Sloslylove

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