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I Recommend: Akcent live

Well, gosh! I'm sitting here getting ready to recommend Akcent as the thang to do this weekend, so I shot on over to their Wikipedia page to just get a few ideas on where to start. I scroll down a few sections and I see C89.5 (...
by Richard J. Dalton


I Recommend: Somnium Summer Camp & Electronic Music Festival

Didn't get your fix of festival life this summer? I might have a great last-minute option for you. This Thursday (the 15th) through Sunday is the "Somnium Summer Camp 2016" which is billed as "an Electronic Music and Camping Fe...
by Richard J. Dalton



Staff Q&A: DJ Polo

Every time I write a new blog post that includes an interview about a C89.5 deejay, it seems to center around Neighbours for some reason, at least geographically. I swear, they don’t sponsor these blog posts! Anyway, this blo...
by Richard J. Dalton


I Recommend: Electro Swing at Re-Bar

Friday: Swing and jazz mixed with dance music and deejay culture.
by Richard J. Dalton



Staff Q&A: Seth Bolin

I first met Seth Bolin, host of C89.5 Chill, while at Neighbours. He was sitting beneath a table in the corner, laying in fetal position, crying. I asked him who he was, and he told me that he was the drummer for Go Periscope a...
by Richard J. Dalton