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C89.5 Staff Q&A: Keano Martinez

Here I am talking to Keano in 2016.
by Richard J. Dalton


What is “Do One Thing”?

We wanted to start a movement that would help people get started on healthy habits to last a lifetime.
by Richard J. Dalton



VIDEO: What’s important to you?

Students at Nathan Hale High School, home of radio station C89.5, share their passions for music, education, family, art, sports and more.
by Richard J. Dalton

Aleksa pic 1

I recommend: “Geisha of a Different Kind” on Cap Hill

Aleksa Manila and Gaysha Starr share experiences of LGBTQ Asian-Americans.
by Richard J. Dalton



C89.5 Staff Q&A: Mel from Planet Dance

I asked her to send a photo, but she forgot—so I found one laying around the station from the 1990’s.
by Richard J. Dalton