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Staff Q&A: DJ SAINt

DJ SAINt from On The Edge!
by Richard J. Dalton


Just a quick note to thank everyone for Fall Drive 2016!

Your are why independent radio stations like C89.5 are possible.
by Richard J. Dalton



Staff Q&A: Harmony Soleil

She really does not need an introduction, but Harmony Soleil has been a central part of C89.5 for about half of her life so far. She's also more goth than me.
by Richard J. Dalton


I Recommend: Akcent live

Well, gosh! I'm sitting here getting ready to recommend Akcent as the thang to do this weekend, so I shot on over to their Wikipedia page to just get a few ideas on where to start. I scroll down a few sections and I see C89.5 (...
by Richard J. Dalton



I Recommend: Somnium Summer Camp & Electronic Music Festival

Didn't get your fix of festival life this summer? I might have a great last-minute option for you. This Thursday (the 15th) through Sunday is the "Somnium Summer Camp 2016" which is billed as "an Electronic Music and Camping Fe...
by Richard J. Dalton