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Fedro – Aqui Estoy Yo

Fedro's excellent track themed around dismay, and shaped around disco music.
by Richard J. Dalton


LaBouche – Fallin’ In Love (Live + Remixed)

A classic dance artist that is one of the most respected out there, LaBouche stopped by C89.5 to perform their hit "Fallin' In Love", featuring Lane McCray and Zsophie Cairo. Remixed and messed up by C89.5. 
by Richard J. Dalton



Fedro – El Amor Coloca

Check out Fedro's take on this massive track, recorded live in the C89.5 Performance Studio.
by Richard J. Dalton


Latin Rose y Cesar Amaral – Volar

One of the hottest voices in Seattle, Latin Rose, teamed up with Cesar Amaral for "Volar".
by Richard J. Dalton



Mr.Kitty – Habits

This is the live version that Mr.Kitty played in our performance studio. Mr.Kitty changed our lives forever.
by Richard J. Dalton